Team Fortress 2 – How to Escape Bad Situations as Medic

As an experienced medic main, id just like to inform anyone out there out to escape with your life when your teammates get screwed, and Main Offense classes are biting at your beautiful bottom.


Escaping From Heavy

Lets start with the easiest class to escape from, the Heavy.

Heavys primary weapon is the minigun, which continuously fires bullets.

While the heavy is firing his BOOLETS at you, you’re going to want to run the exact opposite direction, while crouch jumping. This manuver will give you an extra boost of speed to escape from the heavy. And trust me, its better than sitting there and eating the bullets.


Escaping From Soldier

Soldier can be easy to escape from in the right situations.

Soldiers primary weapon is the rocket launcher, which, you guessed it, fires rockets. Similar to heavy, when he fires a rocket at your feet, crouch jump right before it hits the ground. This would be the equivilant of rocket jumping. which will give you a large distance away from him. to make this more effective, try out some surfing maps, where you would learn how to air strafe.

If a soldier is firing from a distance, it would be way easier to time your jump, since you have more time to prepare for it.


Escaping From Demo

Demo is by far the hardest class to escape from, and time properly.

Demo’s primary weapon is the grenade launcher

When a Demo is using the grenade launcher, before he fires a pill, try to act speratic so he misses. When he hopefully misses, wait till the pill settles on the gound in a stationary position, then right before it explodes, crouch jump! If it helps, according to TF2 Wikipedia, “After the first bounce, the pill will self-detonate on a timer (approximately 2.3 seconds after being fired)”

This particular class has a secondary option that is aswell quite useful to use to escape.
The Stickybomb launcher

If the demoman is feeling sticky-happy and is trying to spam them at you, try to position yourself over a stickybomb right when it lands and crouch jump to soar away.


Escaping From Scout

Scouts are usually the ones to be hunting you down if you’re low. So its good to know what to do.

Scouts main primary weapon is the scatter gun.

To your best ability as well, try to time your crouch jump when the scout fires at you. It wont give you much of a boost, but its the best chance you have.


Escaping From Pyro

Unless this Pyro is an idiot, he wont be airblasting you away with his flamethrower.

To avoid this case, I advize you to stay at a respective range from all pyros, if you dont want to be barbaqued.

The only way you could possibly escape from this dangerous class is if he were to use one of his shotguns to pick you off if you’re out of his flamethrowers range.

Same as the scout, try to time your crouch jump to his shotgun fire.
Recognize a pattern with his shooting and try to time your jump.


If All Else Fails

If all else fails, and you are 100% sure you’re dead as spongegar, kill bind.

This will give you an extra boost on your respawn time, you you can be there for your team slightly quicker.

If you arent quite sure what a kill bind is, its a spesific key binded to kill yourself when you click it. to do this, enable the console, open it, then type in “Bind __ Kill”

Fill in the Underscores with the desired key you want to bind ( I prefer K ). And of course, remove the quotations.


Team Fortress 2 has realsed on Oct 10, 2007 on Steam. This guide was written by OwlNate

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