Team Fortress 2 – Pro Guide for Demoman

Vanilla Weapons

Grenade Launcher:
Only use this if you:
Want to be an Airshot god (Aim, Predict, and Click) (Deny Airborne)
Run out of Stickies or trap set (Using only pipes constantly just means you have a trap set)
Close Quarters (Against scouts, soldiers, people up at your face)
Great spam against sentries
Pyros love you so be careful.

Sticky Launcher:
Point and Click (M1+M2) (Sticky Spam)
Sentry or players that need to be demolished
Sticky Jump to enemy medic and **** him with either grenade launcher or sticky launcher.
Sticky Jump away from enemy teams or tough spots
Deny airborne targets


Deadly Mofo
The range of bottle has been broken since beta
Great weapon to use against medics with vaccinators (Pubs)


Alternative Weapons

Loch-n-Load: Basically the Direct-Hit but for an Irish Drunk
Great for dealing against distanced targets mid-range and buildings
Great against airbornes and scouts
Explodes only on contact so you if you can’t hit jack **** just use the grenade launcher

Why I hate this pile of ****
Ammo depletes FAST.
You’re absolutely ****ed if you can’t hit close quarters.
It doesn’t roll… It’s trash.

Stick to the Grenade Launcher.
It rolls. It kills.
It deals damage after bounces
You won’t get called out for being a useless ****.
Grenade Launcher master race.

Iron Bomber: Same as grenade longer but…
Little bounce rolls.
Explodes faster.
Less explosion radius.
Sentry against the wall? Sure go ahead and use it if you like. (I still prefer Grenade Launcher due to rolls and splash damage)

2nd choice of preference to use during lobby/competitve 6v6 depending on the maps (ex. Process, Granary, Gully due to flat surfaces)
I love my Grenade Launcher.

Loose Cannon: If you want to be a fantastic ****ing troll.
It pushes people.
You shoot faster by 20%.
Turn an engineer into a joke when spamming your cannon balls at his setup.
Double Donk if you hit two direct shots *Mini-Crits*
YOU CAN STRAFE with the Loose Cannon if you turn yourself shoot downwards and just wasd your landing.

Downsides? What Downsides? *Just Kidding*
Less damage than other Primary weapons.
It’s difficult to go against enemies close range.
It bounces and doesn’t explode on impact. Can still gain mini-crit if you get your 2nd shot with a direct.
This weapon is one of my favorites as Demoman. If you want to be a ****ing **** to troll people in pubs or casual competitive. Go ahead.

I never used this in my life because I see it as a joke.
You’re basically the Duck in Duckhunt.
You see those enemy sentry turrets? Snipers? Scouts? Heavies? Soldiers and Demos? (Assuming they are good) EVEN MEDICS WITH CROSSBOWS looking up at you?
Those are NES players with the NES Zapper and NES Super Scope. They’re gonna ****ing tear your *** apart.

Go ahead if you want to use it. I will stick to my lovely grenade launcher.

Ali Baba’s Wee Booties/Bootlegger: Up for a challenge? Sticky Launcher only?
Well now you can with this item!

If you want to use a shield and melee only? Sure! Have fun!
I can’t think of a comment to use this in competitive other than a challenge and extra health.

Sticky Launcher: Your best friend.
Close, Mid, Long range? This baby has it all.
Sentry? (2-3 Stickies) Engineer using the wrangler? (Just pipe his *** then spam your sticks)
Scout close by? *Read his movement. Stick*
Soldier planning to airborne? *Deny Stick. More Stick or Pipes*
Pyro giving you trouble? *Stick*
Demoman being a Demoman like you? *Stick or Pipe*
Heavy? *Stick*
Engineer? *Stick* *Pipe* *Stick* *More Sticks*
Medic? *Trap, Stick, Pipe* USING UBER? *Stick him or his partner and sent him flying. YOU FAILED? Run.*
Sniper? *Stick* LONG RANGE? *Let someone else deal with him. He’s not worth your time.
Spy? *stick* *BOTTLE*

There’s no downsides other than reloading. Just remember to keep one sticky loaded up. Reload more than one sticky unless in a dire situation.

Quickiebomb Launcher: Fires, Dets, and lays faster.
Destroy those stickies that your enemy demo put down! (Use the regular sticky launcher in competitive or else your pocket or entire team is gonna yell at your♥♥♥♥♥and replace you with a demoknight)
Base damage on charge! *Engineer fort can still survive…*
Less damage than other stickies sadly. *Dodgey scout? Good Luck…*
Less ammo more sadly. *Biggest downside*

Do you love this weapon and love trolling the enemy team and end up losing in the end? Then this is perfect for you.

This weapon is useless pile of trash to me in my opinion of course.
Ammo is an absolute must when it comes to secondary sticky weapons. Without it, who’s gonna hold up against the enemy combo? Heavy? He can’t endure the spam while you look around for a dispenser or ammo box. Engineers, Spies, Pyros needs that $H!T.
STICKY LAUNCHER! The Life Insurance when it comes to using kritz.

Scottish Resistance: 14 Stickies out of your gun without dets?!?!?
For strategic demos that don’t want enemies coming from different directs.
ARMINGTIME? Small delay.

Demoman trading his arming time is one of the worst things you can do to that Scottish drunk.
With the 0.8 delay in arming can deal a massive blow when it comes to competitve (Which is why people don’t use it.) More ammo? Sure, But arming those sticks are far more important.
What about the Quickiebomb Launcher then? Well that thing doesn’t have enough ammo and if you want a well balanced launcher. Sticky Launcher.

Sticky Jumper: You’re ready to fight the enemy team! You have r_drawviewmodel 0 so you won’t see your gun to distract you! You come out the gate! You shoot your sticky down immediately and realize you’re using the wrong gun and you self detonate yourself onto enemy positioning thinking “What did I get myself into…?”. (Valve fixed its model years ago and that’s why I’m telling that story…)

Sticky Jumper is your friend if you want to jump around and shooting people down with your pipes or melee to death. JUMP. PIPES. JUMP AWAY!
A fun weapon to have. Don’t use it in competitive or else you might get fried upon.
Oh right the description….
That’s all I have to say about it.

Chargin’ Targe: You can use this if you’re a troll pipe god in competitive and want to bash them in the brains with your melee with more than 25% Mini-Crit, 60% Crit force. Fire and explosive resistance.
Can’t steer normally like a car though that took out the scripts for it… #RIP

Splendid Screen
Same thing as Chargin’ Targe but more resistance…
25% Mini Crit – 60% Critical
*Other resistance blah blah blah next*

Tide Turner: You see that ramp? I’m gonna fly and turn, slashing the enemy team!
This baby has better steering than other shields along with faster charge meter.
25% Mini Crit 50%
Downside? Get hit lose time when Charging.
Blah blah blah resistance 15% Fire & Explosives. Just charge at the medic if you want.

*MELEE* Only covering two.
Bottle & Others: Bottle.
Never underestimate the range of this mofo because its long. Very long. Very Dangerous. Don’t get shanked. Especially if you’re a sniper, scout, spy, or medic. You’re gonna get shanked.

Disadvantage? None.
It’s a bottle what do you expect.
Get Drunk and melee them. (I don’t drink sadly.)

Pain Train
+1 Capture per user? YEAH!
-10% Bullet vulnerability? Just pray that you don’t get ambushed by a scout or see him around the corner.

If you feel confident in capturing control points with your combo in competitive. Go ahead.
In highlander? Leave that to the scout and engineer and stick to the bottle. Did I mention I don’t drink?
Most competitive now a days use double roamers to ensure equal heals priorities to scouts, demo and other roamer. Just be careful when pushing in CP Last…


Team Fortress 2 has released on Oct 10, 2007 on Steam. This guide was written by .Shadowpod

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