Team Fortress 2: Ultimate Spawncamping Guide

How to spawncamp, best spawncamping maps with strategy, best classes and weapons to spawncamp.


Why Spawncamp?

Spawncamping is a nice change from normal tf2 gameplay. It is fun, rewarding, and allows you to make some kids rage in the chat.

This guide will go over the best classes and maps to spawncamp. The higher up it is on the list, the better it is. Duo maps require two people but can still be done solo. The only thing is you don’t get the same effect as with two people. Solo maps can be done solo but can also be done duo for a slightly better effect.


Demolition Man Strategy
  • The demoman is the main spawncamping class and the most reliable.
  • Use the stock stickybomb launcher. The Scottish Resistance takes too long to arm and the quickiebomb launcher only has a magazine size of 4.
  • Put 4 stickies at spawn door and detonate when it opens.
  • Once the enemy starts catching on and brings the pyros and engineers, place the stickies on the top of the spawn door. You will have to wait for the enemy to come out the door to detonate but at least they won’t be able to destroy your stickies.
Engineer Strategy
  • The engineer is mainly a support spawncamping class because of his teleporter and ability to protect the demoman with his sentry gun.
  • Place a secret teleporter exit and only place an entrance when ready to camp.
  • Once you are ready to camp (spawns have changed), place a sentry gun and a teleporter.
  • Run to respawn and upgrade your sentry gun to level 2 with 175/200 upgrade process to level 3. This is so you can place the gun fast and upgrade it easily during downtime. Bind a key to the command load_itempreset <0,1,2,3> to maximize efficiency when resupplying metal.
  • Always destroy your entrance after you and your buddy have gone through it so your teammates don’t follow. This also hides the exit more.
  • If you have a friend doing engineering camping with you, try to set up a crossfire with two sentry guns. This is so that if they peek one gun, they have to peek the other which is in the opposite direction. They can’t look left and right at the same time. Just don’t place your gun too close to the corner or else they can easily take it out with explosives without peeking. Follow good sentry placement.
  • A lot of people like to spygineer using the eureka effect and a shotgun. I like to bring my level three sentry gun and place it in front of their spawn door. Once that is dead, then I shotgun them with crits from my frontier justice. Much more effective.
Other Classes

Pyro: The only spawncamping you can do with the pyro is by using the phlogistinator. Once you get full crits, activate it and go as close to the spawn door as you can get and hold mouse1. If done correctly, the flames will not come out until the door opens. The enemy will die instantly.
Medic: A good support class for the main demoman. Use the quickfix to quickly jump with your demoman to the enemy spawn.

Suijin (best solo; fastest setup)
Suijin is the best solo spawncamping map because of how easy and fast it is to setup. Even if you die, it only takes 5 seconds to get set up again.

Basic Strategy
  1. Loadout: B.A.S.E Jumper (parachute), stickybomb launcher, melee of your choice but not eyelander.
  2. Once the round starts, go out your spawn door and place two stickies.
  3. Jump to the other team’s roof and start camping.
Advanced Tips
  • To maximize efficiency before jumping: after you place your two stickies, switch to your melee. Run to the resupply cabinet and then you can jump. This will allow your to resupply your two stickies. If you don’t switch to your melee, resupply will be in the middle of the reload animation and you will miss out on one sticky.
  • You can hide in the tree. There is a spot high up where you are literally in the bark of the tree and a spot below where you are in the leaves. It can be difficult to line your jump up to get in the lower part and even harder to get in the higher part. But once you get it, it’s pretty good. Enemies still get freezecams when they die but even when they respawn it will be hard for them to locate your exact position.
  • The stickies will stick on the door and will float when the doors open.

Hiding in the upper spot. Despite how it looks in first person, if you step back and hide in the center of the tree the bark will be around you and hide you.
Upper spot third person.
Hiding in the lower spot.
Lower spot third person.
A lot of times people will try to shoot you from here. Little do they know there is an invisible barrier so you won’t get hurt.
Shows jump path.

Frontier (best duo; most powerful)

Frontier is undeniably the most powerful to spawncamp because there is a spot where you can kill the enemy right as they spawn. You can kill them inside their own spawn. Also the spawns change every time Blu caps so there are multiple opportunities to camp. The only thing is that you need a buddy to help you out.

Insta-kill Strategy
  1. Demoman Loadout: Primary of choice, stock stickybomb launcher, melee of choice.
    Engineer Loadout: Anything you want except gunslinger. You want a full level 2 or 3 sentry gun for this. For shotguns, I recommend the frontier justice because you will rack up a lot of crits.
  2. On red, place a secret teleporter exit.
  3. Once all points are capped except last, make your sentry gun and go through the teleporter with your demoman. Don’t forget to destroy the entrance.
  4. Navigate to the point shown in the picture and look up in a way that the stickies will arc into the enemy’s spawn.
  5. Have the engineer place his sentry on the catwalk to catch any survivors and to protect the demoman. Place a dispenser as well because the demoman will run out of ammo fast.
  6. Watch the team ribbon. When someone spawns, detonate the stickies and they will instantly die again.
  7. Only takes about a minute (im not joking) to get a godlike killstreak.
  8. If you are too lazy to wait for them to cap last, you can go earlier on a previous spawn. You won’t be able to kill them instantly, though. If you want to be more sneaky, only let the demoman though the teleporter and not the engineer. The enemies will never think that you have a teleporter if only the demoman is present.

You can try doing this on Blu with just a Demoman but it would be a lot harder since it is a high traffic area.
Go here and look where I am looking. The stickies will arc perfectly into the enemy spawn.
Top down view.
Sentry gun protecting Demoman.
This is what I mean by team ribbon.

Solo Variant
  1. Go engineer and do everything above except for the demoman parts.
  2. Place a sentry gun near their spawn.
  3. A spot where I like to place my gun in on the roof near last Blu spawn. Once the door opens, the sentry gun will start firing. To get on the roof, you can sentry jump or just use a dispenser to jump up.
  4. Don’t turtle your sentry. Try to bait the enemies to come out of the spawn. It doesn’t matter if your sentry takes damage. By the time it dies you will already have 5 kills with it.
  5. I recommend the frontier justice because you will rack up a lot of crits.


Badwater (solo)

You can spawncamp on this map by yourself or with a friend. However, it is always better with a friend.

  1. You must be on Blu.
  2. Demoman Loadout: B.A.S.E Jumper (parachute), stock stickybomb launcher, melee of your choice except eyelander. If you have a friend or get a buff at the start, you don’t need the base jumper.
  3. If you have a friend, he can go any medigun except vaccinator. If he does not want to participate in the spawncamping, he can just give you a buff/flash at the start of the round.
  4. Once the round starts, place two stickies outside the right most door. Jump to point two. It does not matter if the enemy has sentry guns on the hill. In fact, if they do it might even help you by giving you major knockback which will carry you to point 2 and beyond (strafe).
  5. Run all around the map to get to the enemy spawn. Wait for a good moment to reveal yourself (like when there is no one there). It helps if they have a teleporter so they won’t see you walking to their spawn.
  6. Start spawncamping. Fall back when necessary.

Even if you don’t have a friend, you can still get the full experience. Just ask the medic on your team to buff you right before the round starts.
Image shows the jump.

Upward (duo)

There is a neat trick where you can kill Blu team during setup time. You need a soldier and a medic.

Setup Kill Strategy
  1. Soldier Loadout: Stock rocket launcher, B.A.S.E Jumper (parachute), disciplinary action (whip) or escape plan. Do not use the airstrike because the damage is too little and the splash radius is too small.
    Medic Loadout: Kritzkrieg and any primary/melee.
  2. You must be on red
  3. If you are using the whip, whip the medic to the location shown in the picture (near the third cap point). If you are using the escape plan, hurt yourself and then you can go to the location faster.
  4. When you see the enemies, jump and activate your parachute. Pop crits and shoot into their spawn. See the picture below.
  5. After setup time ends, you can still wait for Blu to pile on the cart. Once this happens, you can rain kritz on them from the other wall. If you have the escape plan, you can charge your kritz fast and repeat this. If you don’t you will have to keep running for ammo.

Cart example. I did this with bots but you get the idea. I couldn’t find any clips of me doing this.

You can also do the classic engineer + demoman spawncamping as well. If you both go engineer, you can set up some nasty crossfire sentry spots too.
Nasty crossfire spawncamp.

Swiftwater (solo)

Swiftwater is an amazing engineer spawncamp map. The design of the map makes it so easy. On Blu, all you have to do is walk through a one way door and reach the enemy’s spawn on the third point.

Blu Strategy
  1. Wait for the second point to be capped.
  2. Build a level two sentry gun and make the upgrade process to level 3 175/200 (see classes section)
  3. Walk to the enemy spawn using the path shown in the picture.
  4. Place down the sentry and start camping.
  5. At this point you can even go further back to the last point and set up a teleporter for future spawncamping.

Here is a sentry spot that I like to use.

Red Strategy
  1. Place a secret teleporter. This map is filled with hiding spots where you can place your teleporter.
  2. Wait for Blu to cap the third point.
  3. Go to the enemy spawn with a sentry gun and start camping.
  4. There is a good crossfire spot for this spawn if you have a friend.


Thunder Mountain (solo)

It’s easy to spawncamp on thunder mountain for the first and second stages.

First Stage Strategy
  1. Demoman Loadout: B.A.S.E Jumper (parachute) or a grenade launcher if you get a buff, stock stickybomb launcher, melee of choice except eyelander.
  2. Ask a medic for a buff.
  3. Place some stickies on these rocks and jump. Strafe between the two towers and walk to their spawn.
  4. Start camping.


Second Stage Strategy

You can go either engineer or demoman for this.
Demoman Strategy:

  1. Go on the left upper path toward Red spawn.
  2. Once you get to the last room, start camping from there. You can even conceal yourself behind the floor and still reach the enemy via the arc of your weapons.

Demoman spot.

Engineer Strategy:
This is best used after you have set up for a while in the spot with the raised floor with the big metal and medium health pack.

  1. Go to the same room as in the demoman strategy.
  2. Place a sentry gun on the balcony.
  3. Try to have a teleporter and dispenser so your teammates can come support you.

Sentry gun spot.

Enclosure (solo)

There is a spot on the first stage where you can easily flank around to the enemy team. It is a one way door that opens even when the first point has not been capped. Why this is, I don’t know but it does make for some easy spawncamping.

First Stage Strategy
  1. As a demoman, go out the right most door of the spawn and just keep walking straight down that hallway.
  2. Make the first right turn, go up the stairs and through the one way door.
  3. Now you can easily walk to their spawn (since they probably have a teleporter) and start camping.

You can also do this on the second stage except there is no one way door. Just keep to the right like on stage one. It is a bit harder but still possible if they have a teleporter.
Go down this hallway and turn right.
Then go up the stairs and through the door.

Harvest (solo)

Demoman Strategy

You can pretty much do the same thing on Suijin on this map. However, it is a lot more dangerous and harder to get onto their roof. People normally like to go on the roof anyway during regular play.
Demoman strategy.

Pyro Strategy
  1. Run the phlog, jetpack, and powerjack.
  2. Play normally on their main building and build crits.
  3. Pop crits on the roof or anywhere nearby their spawn.
  4. Use the powerjack to conceal your crits as you run to their spawn. It also makes you move faster. If anyone is in the way, switch to the phlog and kill them first.
  5. Camp their spawn using the phlog until you are out of crits. See how to camp with the phlog above in the classes section.

Pyro strategy. Notice how I am holding mouse1 yet no flames are coming out since I am right next to the door. When that door opens, flames will come out.

Other Maps

Camping on other maps is not that difficult. You just have to get to the enemy spawn as a demoman or make a secret teleporter. If your team is super good, you can get to their spawn naturally and start camping.

On many maps, you can jump to get behind the enemy. One map that I did not put in the main section but still is an alright way to camp is Goldrush stage 1. All you need to do is cap the first point and walk halfway to their spawn. From one of the buildings you can do a single jump to get to their spawn.

Other payload maps with forward spawns are also pretty simple. On all of these you just have to place a secret teleporter to use later. When you are ready, you can bring a sentry gun and a demoman to camp their spawn.

On control point maps you can do the same thing because the spawns are constantly changing. However once you get set up and a team caps, you have to start over again.

On koth maps you can try to get a teleporter and a sentry gun but probably not next to their spawn. You might be able to get one a bit farther up. You can also try ninjaneering and just use the shotgun and eureka effect but at that point you should just play Scout.

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