Team Fortress 2: Zombie Escape Guide

This is a Guide to TF2’s Zombie Escape (ZE_) custom gamemode. In particular the Skial version.   Introduction Zombie Escape is a custom gamemode that cap be played by using the legacy browser and choosing a “Zombie Escape” server. Maps used in this gamemode typically have the prefix ze_ added to them. Zombie Escape is […]

Team Fortress 2: Ultimate Spawncamping Guide

How to spawncamp, best spawncamping maps with strategy, best classes and weapons to spawncamp.   Why Spawncamp? Spawncamping is a nice change from normal tf2 gameplay. It is fun, rewarding, and allows you to make some kids rage in the chat. This guide will go over the best classes and maps to spawncamp. The higher […]

Team Fortress 2 – Pro Guide for Demoman

Vanilla Weapons Grenade Launcher: Only use this if you: Want to be an Airshot god (Aim, Predict, and Click) (Deny Airborne) Run out of Stickies or trap set (Using only pipes constantly just means you have a trap set) Close Quarters (Against scouts, soldiers, people up at your face) Great spam against sentries Pyros love […]

Team Fortress 2 – How to Escape Bad Situations as Medic

As an experienced medic main, id just like to inform anyone out there out to escape with your life when your teammates get screwed, and Main Offense classes are biting at your beautiful bottom.   Escaping From Heavy Lets start with the easiest class to escape from, the Heavy. Heavys primary weapon is the minigun, […]