Teardown: How to Open & Get Started with MagicaVoxel

Hello! In this guide I will be showing you how to open/get started with MagicaVoxel!


Getting MagicaVoxel

The very first step is going to be getting the program, witch can be found here: https://ephtracy.github.io/

Now, once you have gone there, go to Download( Whatever version is the latest when you award this guide ) then press “MagicaVoxel ( the version ) Win64.zip” and download that.

Opening MagicaVoxel

Once downloaded, open it, then go to Magicavoxel(whatever version)win64.zip/magicavoxel.exe then open the .exe, it will say a little error message saying something I summed up to be ” Just exract me pls ” after that pops up, press “extract all” NOT “run” then after it comes up with where you want it to extract, try to extract it onto your desktop, so go to “Browse” then go to ThisPC\Desktop, then don’t press any of the files in there, just press “Select folder” then it will extract!

Getting started with MagicaVoxel.

After the last step is complete, and you see this on your homescreen

Open it, then open the .exe

Starting simple with Magicavoxel.

If you have ever thought the sledge hammer was to brick-like, or the shotgun needed a makeover, or if the blowtorch didn’t quite fit your style? Well now you can change them!

Once your in Magica, press the “Open” tab at the top, right, don’t get confused because there are quite a few of those file icons up there, then if you want to re-model a tool, go to C:\Programfies(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\data\vox\tool, then there you are, now, pick a tool to do something with, now, once you are there in the editor, go to the top left where it has “Attach” “Erase” and “Paint”, now, go wild! Do what you want to do! then there will be a “Save as” file icon at the top, press that, now don’t press ANYTHING besides “Save” then if it says for example “gun.vox already exists, do you want to replace it?” Press “yes” then it will save, after that, open Teardown and go use the tool you just customized!

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