Teardown: Whoops, Wasn’t me and Now what Achievement Guide

There are three achievements that need you to destroy XXX voxels. this simple guide will show you how to get the three achievements with a couple of workshop mods.


“Destroy XXX voxels” Achievements List


Destroy 1 000 000 voxels.


Wasn’t me

Destroy 10 000 000 voxels.


Now what

Destroy 100 000 000 voxels.



How to Get the “Destroy ____voxels” Achievements

Step 1
Get a fire extinguisher on hand. Just in case.

Step 2
Download the “mining” map from the steam workshop.
Step 3
Download the “world eater” tool from the workshop.
Step 4
Use the world eater in the mining map and go off and do something else. When you come back the map should be almost entirely eaten.

Step 5
Enjoy your shiny new achievements!
Method Credit to LizardGnome
That’s all, if this guide helps you or not. please leave a comment and let me know.

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