Teardown: Remove TuxedoLabs Logo and Warning (Working 2021)

The old method is not work now. here is a new method that updated way of removing the pre-game intros.   How to Remove TuxedoLabs Logo and Warning 2021 Navigate to your Teardown folder. (Steam>Teardown>Right Click>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files) Go to Teardown/data/ui/spash.lua Open splash.lua in notepad or any other text editor Remove everything from the file […]

Teardown: Hollowrock Vault Guide (How to Find)

Within this guide for Teardown, I will demonstrate on how to enter the vault on the map “Hollowrock”. This is a vault located underneath a building by the far-left bottom-side of the map. The vault cannot be destroyed through explosives, or any other tool from my knowledge. Within this vault is gold bullion worth $4,500 […]

Teardown: All Forms of Modding Guide

A Guide to all forms of Modding currently available in Teardown.   Introduction In this Guide I will first talk about Custom Maps and then go through all forms of modding not currently possible (Or how it could be possible) and then I shall go through all the currently known forms of modding. I’ll answer […]

Teardown: How to Unlock All Items & Maps

If you launch a new copy of Teardown, you’ll see that the sandbox mode is fully locked. And, when you launch into Campaign, you only have three tools. This is normal, due to the game progression giving you tools at certain points. But, you have to unlock tools in the Campaign to use them in […]

Teardown: Hidden Expensive Items

Here are all hidden items in the game teardown.   600$ BANANA (thanks Enward) [compaign map] crawl into the furnace, shoot it if you can’t fit, go into the cave, eat banana. 450$ antique sword there is no door to this one, to get it you’re gonna have to break the wall shown in the screenshot. […]