Terraria 1.4: How to Set Fullscreen

The 1.4 new update has been available now for Terraria game. here is a simple guide on how to change resolution and set fullscreen. hope this guide will help you.


1. Go to documents and find folder called My Games, go to it and there should be folder called Terraria,
2. Open config.json file using notepad,

3. Press CTRL+F and type “Fullscreen”

4. Change from “false” to “true”,
5. Optionally you can also change “WindowBorderless” to false,
6. (obvious one) save it lol.
That’s it. Game should now open in fullscreen and in settings it’ll show “Go windowed” instead of Go fullscreen”
PS. Don’t click go windowed it’ll crash again, just do same thing but change true to false.

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