Terraria: Easy Way to Get 15 New Achievements (1.4.1)

This guide is meant for them who wants to grab the new 15 achievements real quick. Lets begin…

I have made a small map with some necessary items & set ups to get some of these 15 achievements very fast and easy. I shall give the download link of the map at the end of this guide. So, after reading this guide download it and place the map in your ‘Worlds’ folder. For Windows 10 users the possible path of this folder should be: “This PC\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds”. If you are other OS user, then first locate the target folder in your PC. After download, simply copy paste the downloaded ‘The_Glade_of_Hands.wld’ file into it and start your game.

Infinity +1 Sword
Criteria : Obtain the Zenith, the culmination of a journey forged into the ultimate sword.

Go to the downloaded map, there in the main building go up and you will find it in one of the chests. Grab it and your are done.

Boots of the Hero
Criteria: Obtain the Terraspark Boots, forged from the finest boots of fire and ice.

In the same chest where you found ‘Zenith’ look for the ‘Terraspark Boots’ and grab those and done.

Hey Listen!
Criteria: Encounter a fairy.

In one chest you will find 3 types of fairies. Just take one of them and come out, left click to release it. You should be done.

Hot Reels!
Criteria: Drop a lure in a pool of lava for a pre-fried haul!

First of all grab ‘Hotline Fishing Hook’ from the chest. Also equip ‘Master Bait’ at your right slot.
At left of the main building there are 3 teleport systems. At the top of each one, it is written where it will take you. So, the 2nd one from your spawn point will take you to the underground lava area. So go there (standing on the golden teleporter click the switch beside) and drop your Hotline hook at lava and you will be done. Now return from there.

Dead Men Tell No Tales
Criteria: You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could open the chest that you didn’t stop to think if you should.

Create a NEW CHARACTER (make sure you have only 5 bits of HP and no armour.)
From your spawn point the first teleport system will take you to a naturally generated Dead Man’s Chest. Reach there and open the chest and you will be …. DONE!!!

Note: I have tried artificially made chests for this but nothing worked until I found this naturally generated. Artificial chest gives you either ‘I Am Loot!’ or ‘Watch Your Step!’

Quiet Neighborhood
Criteria: Enter a misty graveyard filled with the surly dead.

In the downloaded map the 3rd teleport system from the spawn point leads you to the graveyard. Visit there and you are done.

Criteria: Trick a gnome into turning into stone!

This is some tricky and a bit time consuming achievement. However ‘Living Tree’ areas are the perfect place to spawn gnome. There can be maximum of 4 gnomes at a time in a single map. At the Living Tree you may encounter even 2 of those at a time. I found 3.

First of all, equip the PDA at the right slot taking from one of the chests. This will show you ‘gnome’ if any is your nearby. PDA shows various status (including time and wind speed in mph) below of the mini map at the right of your screen. Also, take ‘Battle Poison’ & ‘Water Candle’ as these will maximize their spawn rate.

It is better to use your existing character with as much HP as possible or the max. though new character will also work for this. But, you must not use any armour that has knock back capacity. Because gnomes will chase you once they see you and if you have knock back capacity they will die as they have very little HP.

You can create a new map (small/classic) or use the downloaded map also, In the downloaded map you will find a Living Tree at the left of the graveyard. So in a normal game day (4:30 am – 7:30 pm) go there and enter inside the Living Tree and if necessary dig through the underground.

While digging when you notice the ‘gnome’ at the place where rare creature’s name is displayed by the PDA be very careful and approach slowly (may be water candle at hand). Once they see you they will start to chase you and then lure those outside and you will be done.

Later I found another one… while was passing through this place. So, its a sure place to get those.

Jolly Jamboree
Criteria: What you’re celebrating doesn’t matter, just throw a party already!

I have kept a ‘Party Center’ in one chest. Also one I placed at the top of main building at the downloaded map. Just right click it and you should be done.

Feeling Petty
Criteria: Deliver headpats to the town pet.

In the downloaded map & in the room you spawn, that room has all except a light source for an NPC’s to live in. So keep a light in that room and from the main building’s chest take a pet licence (dog / cat / bunny) and left click it. It will show a message about the pet delivery. Wait 2 real minutes… that means 2 game hours and if it is not 7:30 pm game time then the pet will arrive. Go talk with it and click the ‘pet’ in the speech bubble. You should be done. Note that, if it is 7:30 pm already before arrival of the pet then it should arrive next morning.

Leading Landlord
Criteria: Meet with a tenant who’s as happy as they possibly can be!

From the spawn point of the downloaded map go left side to the desert (right from the graveyard) and talk with Arms Dealer. You should be done.

Also, making a separate house at Hallow (in the background rainbow should be there with colourful trees / pink ice etc). Make 3 rooms for 3 npcs (The Wizard + The Party Girl + The Zoologist) and assign them. Let them arrive there and then talk with the Party Girl. You should be done.

A Rather Blustery Day
Criteria: Fly a kite on a windy day.

A windy day is considered (4:30 am – 7:30 pm) when wind is flowing either from East or West at the speed of 20 mph. This is considered as an event and it will end if wind speed falls below 17 mph. So, if your PDA shows this wind speed then take the kites from the chest of the downloaded map and fly. You should be done.

Just Desserts
Criteria: Defeat Queen Slime, giving the coup-de-grace to the sovereign of all that jiggles.

Take from the chest the Gelatin Crystal and go to Hallow and left click to summon this boss. Kill it and you should be done.

Hero of Etheria
Criteria: Repel the strongest forces the Old One’s Army can muster.

Old One’s Army can be summoned by placing an Eternia Crystal on the Eternia Crystal Stand by right clicking. The speciality is, both sides of the stand should have at least 61 tiles without any obstruction. And there should not be any block at least up to 10 blocks up position on the crystal. This stand and crystal you can find in one chest of the downloaded map.

The battle should have 3 tires where the 1st tire should have 5 waves and the rest 2 tires with 7 waves each. At the last wave of tire 3 the boss Betsy will spawn. Your soul aim is saving the crystal from enemies.

Fae Flayer
Criteria: Defeat the Empress of Light, responsible for all those flashy lights and glitter.

Take Prismatic Lacewing from the chest of the downloaded map. Go to Hallow and release it by left click. Kill it and immediately Empress of Light will appear. Kill it. Note that If you release Prismatic Lacewing anywhere other than Hallow then the critter will disappear very fast. However this is meant for hardmode. You can release the Prismatic Lacewing also in other biomes but you need to kill it in 2 sec else it will disappear.

Tips: This boss will also spawn in pre-hardmode if you can kill the Prismatic Lacewing within 2 sec of release. You can do it anywhere, If you can do so, then this boss fight will be bit easier than hard mode.

Don’t Dread on Me
Criteria: Defeat the Dreadnautilus, murderous mollusk lurking beneath the surface of the sanguine seas.

Take Chum Caster fishing rod and master bait placed at right slot. Wear Angler’s dress. Go to fishing in the sea at blood moon night. Take Sonar Poison and start fishing. All items you will find in the chest. However, the Dreadnautilus is not a boss or mini-boss even though it has stats comparable to a boss.

Now its time for you to download the map from the following link. Due to steam restriction you need to rewrite / reconstruct the link.

http://www#mediafire#com#file#sdcito918zkgkpy#The_Glade_of_Hands.wld [remove all the hashes (#) while using the link with dots (.) and slash (/)]

Notice the picture below how it should look after replacements are done…

I hope these guide will be helpful for you. Best of luck.

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