Terraria: How to Find Empress of Light in 1.4

The new update for Terraria 1.4 add two new bosses: Queen Slime and Empress of Light. the new boss Empress of Light seems to be one of the harder fights in the game. here is a simple guide on how to find the empress of light. we will also add some tips for you to beat the boss.


How to Find the New Boss Empress of Light?

The Empress of Light is a Hardmode, post-Plantera boss. It is summoned by killing a Prismatic Lacewing at night in the Hallow.

The Prismatic Lacewing will only spawn after Plantera has been defeated. Fighting the Empress of Light is completely optional and not required to progress, however, her defeat will reward the player with powerful weapons.

While the Empress of Light is alive, her exclusive music Empress of Light  will play.


Tips for Beating the New Boss Empress of Light

  • It would be wise to defeat Golem first, so the Cosmic Car Key will become available.
  • Not only does the Empress have to be killed during the day to gain the Terraprisma, but all damage she receives must be during the day as well. Therefore, it would be wise to start the fight as close to 4:30 AM as possible so that you take as little damage before daytime as possible (this can be done by using a bug net on the prismatic lacewing during the night, and then releasing it right before daytime).

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The Empress of Light Drop Items

  • 5-15 Greater Healing Potion (100%).
  • Empress of Light Mask (14.29%).
  • Empress of Light Trophy (10%).
  • Magic Weapon: Nightglow (25%).
  • Accessory: Soaring Insignia (100% From Treasure Bag).
  • Stellar Tune (2%).
  • Whip: Kaleidoscope (25%).
  • Empress Wings (6.67%).
  • Bow: Eventide (25%).
  • Prismatic Dye (25%).
  • Sword Day Defeat: Terraprisma (100%).
  • Sword Night Defeat: Starlight (25%)

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You can also watch this video guide on how to find and fight new boss Empress of Light

Terraria is out now on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Switch.

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