Terraria: How to Get the Jolly Jamboree Achievement

How to get the most strange and surprising achievement.
How you get it may shock you!


Yes, Its The Most Epic Part 1
First you need to either load up drunk world to get party girl or just get her normally.

I Can’t Believe Its Not Part 3! (Part 2)
Then you need to get 30 gold coins by selling stuff, killing mobs, looking in pots, finding chests of them, or other means.

Super Terraria Part 3
Now this is the part which most people fail on.
first you need to go to the party girl.
Then you need to click the “shop” button, and avoid the other icons. They may look like something you want to click which is very tempting, but avoid clicking them.
Once you get another inventory that looks yellow with a bunch of items, your almost there!

The Finishing Clicks (Part 4)
Now you have made it to the end!
This is the most level 3 in terms to difficulty. (kudos if you know what reference that is to, if you do know then put it in the comments. Hint: The ball is off the earth and is bound to my bat which is up there too)
Now you should buy a party center which has a tree having a party.
Then you put it in your hot bar. (the top row)
Then you need to exit out of the shop menu and into the basic game screen.
After doing that, you need to place the party center down in a spot.
Finally, (this is the hard part) you need to click the “use” button on the party center and then the party should activate!
If you did this right then you should have the achievement!

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