Terraria: How to Show an NPC Love

In this guide I will be telling you how to show love towards an NPC within Terraria, whether it be your fictional crush, someone you just really enjoy buying stuff from, or just wanna thank them for their existence within the world of Terraria!


Greet the NPC with a hello or an arrival

I greet the Arms Dealer with open arms showing how happy I am. The most useful things he sells to all of the players of Terraria is a delightful sight and he is one of if not the best NPC within Terraria as a whole.

Have them live within the specified biome they enjoy living in

Showing my gratitude towards the Stylist and knowing she enjoys the Ocean makes me very happy that I built this little house for her.

Hangout with them, chill with them. Whatever floats your boat!

Enjoying a nice slice of cake with the Zoologist talking about how I met my seventh Golden Bunny in the wild. She really enjoys seeing my arrival alongside my pet bunny sitting on top of my head!

Show your true love towards them

I confess my feelings towards the Party Girl and talk to her about how useful the stuff she sells is for decoration and furniture towards creative Terraria Builders.
Her personality is one of the best I’ve seen within Terraria and I am very glad the developers of Terraria gave all of the NPC’s overhauls, new features, and ways to interact with them more.
The Party Girl is my most favorite NPC within all of Terraria, being able to change the soundtrack from the Terraria Official Soundtrack to the elegant, Terraria: Otherworld Official Soundtrack.

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