Test Tube Titans FAQ

Test Tube Titans is an amazing game that you can create mutants to kill humans. here are the common FAQs for beginners.


How do I play co-op?
In either the Campaign Mode or Creative Mode, go to the mission map after loading up a titan. Once you select a mission on the map, you’ll have the option to play co-op. You’ll need a second controller for the second player to join. Also note that co-op is not available for the tutorial or practice missions.

How do I get special powers like fire breath, etc?
In the campaign mode, you’ll need to unlock research level 5 on your titans as well as unlock the corresponding lab upgrade. At level 5, a titan has the chance to learn any number of special powers, but not all titans will.

I keep dying. What am I doing wrong?
The law enforcement is meant to be dangerous, so you either need to avoid them as much as possible or attack them quickly before they can damage you too much. Don’t stay in one place too much – moving around the level will make you harder to catch. Also, your titan might just be too weak, always mutate it to be as large as possible, and compare your titans to see which ones have better health and resistances for any given mission. Lastly, using cross-breeding will generally yield stronger titans, you can get very powerful titans through this process.

I still can’t beat this one mission! What do I do?
Playing co-op with a friend makes the level twice as easy since you’ll essentially have 2 titans at your disposal. If you don’t have a second player, you can always pay lab tokens to bypass a mission that you might be stuck on, and you can come back later with a stronger titan if you want to complete it properly.

Why isn’t my score going to the leaderboards?
Leaderboard scores can only be set when playing single-player in the campaign mode.

Can I use my mouse to play?
No. This game was developed with a gamepad-centric control system in mind, and rather than include unsatisfactory mouse controls, they’re not available at all right now.

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