The Caregiver | 終焉介護: Wall Clock Trick

After discovering Soichi in the basement, you need to go home and solve the wall clock trick.
The times when the clock should be set are as follows.


When you discover Soichi in the basement, you will find the memo attached.

The memo contains hints on when to set it.

1. The mother got stabbed while preparing dinner and the clock struck 3:30.

2. The girl was strangled when she was coming back from school and the clock struck 8:10.

3. The boy got pushed down the stairs and the clock struck 5:40 .

4. The father pushed down from the window and the clock struck 11:50.

So,set the clock in his house to these time, but during that time, monsters chase after me, so I set it while running away.

The mother

preparing dinner = at the “kitchen”.
The kitchen is on the far right side of the corridor after entering the entrance.

Set the hands of the clock to 【3:30】.

The girl

coming back from school = Her room?
Her room is on the right hand side of the entrance. The room with the “No.3” card.

Set the hands of the clock to 【8:10】.

The boy

Pushed down stairs = Under the stairs.
The stairs are located in the innermost room on the left side of the corridor (room with TV), which goes to the left after entering the entrance and opens the glass door.

Set the hands of the clock to 【5:40】.

The father

Pushed down from window = Near the window on the second floor.

The pushed-down window goes upstairs and is in the second room from the back on the left side of the corridor.

Set the hands of the clock to 【11:50】.


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