The Chronicles Of Myrtana Archolos: All Item IDs

Updated Feb 2022 | Here is a list of all item IDs, this list is now incomplete and will be updated later.


General info

  • In order to use the console, you have to enter Marvin mode, the same way as in Gothic 2.
    Open your char stats (C or B) and type marvin.
    After closing char sheet your hero should comment on it and marvinmode msg should appear in top left corner of the screen.
  • Press F2 to open the console.
  • Type insert ItemID to spawn an item in front of you.
  • As a side note, entering Marvin mode doesn’t disable achievements, checked it myself (as off 31 Jan 2022, if you wanna be 100% safe, make a save backup).
  • If you want to use cheats such as godmode or invisibility just google gothic 2 cheats, i’m not going to cover them in here.
  • If you want to find out what ID has an item you own, you can drop it on the ground (default hotkey is left alt while the item is highlighted in the inventory) and then type edit focus in the console (close the inventory first and target the item on the ground just as you would be about to pick it up).
  • The console uses german layout, so remember that y and z are switched;
    to make an underscore push left shift + slash/division sign (left shift + /)
  • Feel free to post IDs in comments, i’ll add these to my guide.


A lot of food items have the same console id as their english “name” in game, so if you can’t find something in here, try tryping the itfo_ prefix (turnip has itpl_) and then the name you see in game.

itfo_dexdumplings – Noodles with Goblin Berries +3 dex
itfo_meatpacks – Meatpacks +55 hp
itfo_wisp – Ghost light (can be bought in Silbach, needed for Paying the Debt quest)
itfo_honey – Honey
itfo_grape – Grape
itfo_fish – Fish
itfo_cabbage – Cabbage
itpl_beet – Turnip
itfo_owbeer – Bottled beer
itfo_beer – regular beer
itfo_beer_02 – Strong Beer
itfo_beer_03 – Islander Beer
itfo_booze – Booze
itfo_addon_grog – Grog


Prefix itpo_

itpo_speed – Speed Potion , duration 5 minutes
itpo_fall – Free fall potion, duration 2 minutes
itpo_dive – Underwater breathing potion, duration 10 minutes

itpo_health_01 – Essence of Healing, +25% hp
itpo_health_02 – Extract of Healing, +45% hp
itpo_health_03 – Elixir of Healing, +75% hp

itpo_mana_01 – Mana essence, +25% mana
itpo_mana_02 – Mana extract, +50% mana
itpo_mana_03 – Mana elixir, +75% mana
itpo_manaregen – Mana Regeneration Potion, restores 10% mana every 2 sec., 5 min. duration

itpo_timed_health – Elixir of Life Enhancement, +150 max hp, 5 min. duration, +25 xp
itpo_timed_str – Elixir of Strength Enhancement, +25 str, 5 min. duration, +25 xp
itpo_timed_dex – Elixir of Dexterity Enhancement, +25 dex, 5 min. duration, +25 xp
itpo_timed_def – Elixir of Skin Hardening, +25 resistance, 5 min. duration, +25 xp

itpo_jornpotion – Cure for Jorn, +30 max hp
itpo_perm_str – Elixir of Strength, +3 perm str
itpo_perm_dex – Elixir of Dexterity, +3 perm dex
itpo_perm_mana – Elixir of Spirit, +3 perm mana

Miscellaneous items

Prefix itmi_

itmi_joint – swampweed joint
itmi_bigfatblunt – Big, fat joint 🙂
itmi_goldcup – gold chalice
itmi_addon_whitepearl – Pearl (there are more kinds of pearls, I didn’t write them down tho, you should be able to figure it out on your own, like sea or blackpearl)
itmi_pitch – Pitch
itmi_nugget – Magic Ore nugget
itmi_pocket – 10G purse

itmi_fishrod – Rod
itmi_broom – Broom
itmi_pliers – Pliers
itmi_rake – Rake
itmi_saw – Saw

itmi_salt – Salt

Crafting Materials

Prefix itcr_

itcr_wheat – Bag of Flour
itcr_fat – Fat
itcr_wood – Wood for crafting weapons
itcr_iron – Iron Nugget
itcr_vinegar – Vinegar
itcr_scroll – Parchment for scrolls


Prefix itse_

itse_arrowpacket_50 – 50 arrow quiver
itse_arrowpacket_100 – 100 arrow quiver

itse_boltpacket_50 – 50 bolt quiver
itse_boltpacket_100 – 100 bolt quiver

itse_goldpocket25 – 25g Leatherbellow
itse_goldpocket50 – 50g Leatherbellow
itse_goldpocket100 – 100g Leatherbellow


Prefix itri_

itri_novice_01 – Mana + Spell damage
itri_fist_01 – Boxer Ring (2 of these multiply your bear hand dmg)

itri_prot_blunt_01 – Ring of Hard Bones, blunt +5
itri_prot_blunt_02 – Ring of Iron Bones, blunt +10

itri_prot_edge_01 – Ring of Wooden Skin, edge +5
itri_prot_edge_02 – Ring of Iron Skin, edge +10

itri_prot_point_01 – Ring of Evasion, point +5
itri_prot_point_02 – Ring of Reflection, point +10

itri_str_01 – Ring of Force, str +3
itri_str_02 – Ring of Strength, str + 5

itri_dex_01 – Ring of Skill, dex +3
itri_dex_02 – Ring of Dexterity, dex +5

itri_mana_01 – Ring of Magic, mana +10
itri_mana_02 – Ring of Astral Power, mana +20


Prefix itam_

itam_nirko – Elco Family Heirloom, blunt +10 and edge +10 (You can get this one, by going to woodcutter’s camp and asking Knut for work with less than 20 strength, I missed this one as I alrdy had more str, which pushed me towards finding this item ID, which led to this guide xd)


Prefix itbe_

itbe_mod_chain – Adventurer Belt, bonus prot with chainmal
itbe_mod_chain_02 – Advanced Adventurer Belt, bonus prot with chainmal

itbe_mode_hunter – Hunter Belt, bonus prot with hunter or leather amor
itbe_mode_hunter_02 – Heavy Hunter Belt, bonus prot with hunter or leather amor

itbe_addon_leather_01 – bonus prot with leather amor (good blunt prot)

itbe_addon_dex_5 – Belt of Skill, +5 dex
itbe_addon_str_5 – Belt of Strength, +5 str
itbe_addon_mana_7 – Magic Belt, mana +7
itbe_addon_mana_15 – Belt of Star Power, mana +15

itbe_mod_paweljumper_01 – Acrobatic’s belt, arrow +15 + acrobatics skill
itbe_mod_paweljumper_02 – Climber’s belt, blunt +15 + no injuries from falls

itbe_mod_alchemy – Healers Belt, life/mana pots effects are enhanced

itbe_addon_prot_blunt – Belt of Reinforcement, blunt +15
itbe_addon_prot_edge – Belt of Protection, edge +15
itbe_addon_prot_point – Belt of Defense, point/arrow +15


Prefix itar_

itar_bau_L – Work Outfit (+5 prot)
itar_bau_L_02 – Work Outfit different colour
itar_bau_L_03 – Work Outfit different colour

itar_sailor – Seaman’s Outfit (+10 prot)
itar_sailor_02 – Seaman’s Outfit different colour
itar_sailor_03 – Seaman’s Outfit different colour

itar_woodcutter_L – Lumberjack Outfit (+15prot)

itar_km_leather_L – Light Leather Armor (good blunt prot)

itar_chain_L – Chainmail (good edge prot)


Prefix itrw_

itrw_bow_L_01 – Short bow (10 point dmg, dex. 10)
itrw_bow_L_02 – Willow bow (15 point dmg, dex. 15)
itrw_bow_L_03 – Hunting bow (35 point dmg, dex. 35)

itrw_crossbow_training – Training Crossbow (20 point dmg, str. 10, armor piercing 5)
itrw_crossbow_01_normal – Old Ashen Crossbow (50 point dmg, str. 35, armor piercing 10)

itmw_none_2h_sword – Greatsword (45 edge dmg, str. 35, 2h bonus 3)
itmw_1h_mace_L_04 – Smith’s Hammer
itmw_2h_axe_L_01 – Pick-axe
itmw_patron_valbrycha – Val-Brych’s Pickaxe

Magic Scrolls

Prefix itsc_


Magic Runes

Prefix itru_

itru_icebolt – Ice arrow rune
itru_light – Light rune
itru_lightheal – Heal Light Wounds rune
itru_zap – Small Lightning rune


Prefix itwr_

itwr_bestiary_boar – Boar
itwr_bestiary_zombie – Zombies
itwr_bestiary_giantbug – Beasts
itwr_bestiary_goblin – Goblins
itwr_bestiary_lizard – Lizards
itwr_bestiary_lurker – Lurkers
itwr_bestiary_molerat – Molerats
itwr_bestiary_rats – Rats
itwr_bestiary_scavenger – Scavengers
itwr_bestiary_wolf – Wolves
itwr_bestiary_drone – Drones
itwr_bestiary_frogman – Frogmen

itwr_pickpocket_tier1 – Basics of Pickpocket
itwr_alchemy_tier1 – Basics of Alchemy

itwr_lostpatrons – List of the Fallen , +50 xp

Set items

itri_archolosset_01 – Ring of Archolos, str +3, blunt +5, crossbow set bonus +5 per piece
itam_archolosset_01 – Amulet of Archolos, str +7, blunt +10, crossbow set bonus +5 per piece

itbe_mod_araxos – Araxos Runners Belt, hp +20, dex and str +2, with Araxos runner’s clothes +5 protection

itri_summonerset_01 – bonus hp and dmg for summons
itam_summonerset_01 – bonus hp and dmg for summons


Prefix itpl_

itpl_earthaloes – Earth Aloe, +1 immunity
itpl_strenthg_herb_01 – Dragonroot, +1 str
itpl_dex_herb_01 – Goblin Berries, +1 dex
itpl_perm_herb – King Sorrel

itpl_health_herb_01 – Healing Plant
itpl_health_herb_02 – Healing Herb
itpl_health_herb_03 – Healing Root

itpl_mana_herb_01 – Fire nettle
itpl_mana_herb_02 – Fireweed
itpl_mana_herb_03 – Fire root

itpl_temp_herb – Meadow Knotweed
itpl_river_mirt – River Myrtle
itpl_beet – Turnip

Skins and trophies

Prefix itat_

itat_addon_ykeiilerfur – Young boar skin
itat_ratfur – Rat skin
itat_blackratfur – Black rat skin
itat_moleratskin – Molerat skin
itat_luerkerskin – Lurker skin
itat_sealurkerskin – Sea lurker skin
itat_sheepfur – Sheep skin
itat_snapperskin – Snapper skin
itat_turtleskin – Mudturtle skin
itat_wolffur – Wolf skin
itat_desertwolffur – Desert wolf skin
itat_trollfur – Troll skin
itat_bearfur- Bear skin

itat_boartusk – Boar fang
itat_claws – Claws
itat_teeth – Fangs
itat_sting – Sting
itat_wing – Bloodfly’s wings
itat_bearfat – Bear fat

Thanks to aw for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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