The Citadel: Secret levels Guide

THE CITADEL is a hardcore, brutal old-school shooter full of action that’s a throwback to the 90’s classics that we all love. Fight through 6 Episodes of 30 action-packed levels (and an additional 6 secret levels). here is a guide for the secret levels for you.
Map list (no spoilers)
If you just want to know where the entrances are but leave the how to yourself, here are the maps:

  • E1M3
  • E2M4
  • E3M3
  • E4M4
  • E5M2
  • E6M1

Press the Use key on the wall with the red banner to reveal a corridor

Once inside, press the Use key on another red banner wall.

Double jump up there

Another interactable red banner wall under the staircase.

Aim for the half-sunken building with an extra life on top. Wall to the right can be used to gain extra elevation if there are any problems making the jump.
The entrance is on the other side of the building.

The entrance is easy to spot on the map.
Destroy the wall to get there.

The entrance is under the level about halfway through.

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