The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters – How to Unlock the True Ending

Here is The coma 2 vicious sisters true ending Guide. hope this guide will help you. if you have any problems. please let me know.


If you have already had you final conversation with Yaesol and do not have all the required items you will be locked out from unlocking the true ending because any item you have missed would be unavailable as of 3/20/20 i do not know if its was intended or a glitch in the game.

Spectral Incense

You need to finish giving Yaesol the antidote once you do that go back to Dokkaebi Market, once you are there go back to the butcher shop and obtain your first key item you will need this before you encounter chance if you want the everyone lives true ending.

Holy Water of Separation

you need to complete the Sewha Hospital and go to the School to obtain this, once you are at the School find a wight burrow that leads to the Schools note man he will give you instructions to find what you are seeking, referring to the Holy water.
once you follow his instructions you will find yourself in a morgue in the Sewha Hospital to see the Holy Water of Separation.

Blood Ruby

After completing the Sewha Hospital you are lock in a room by Youngho, call Chance and he will come rescue you. you are walking with Chance and he wil begin to panic about the incense about to run out, if you have previously got the Spectral incense he would ask you to use, doing this you have prevented his death. Chance will reward you with the Blood Ruby you will receive this before the Holy Water of separation, but if you did not have the Spectral incense before being lock in the room Chance will die on your way to the School demanding you to run ahead without him, you can still get the Blood Ruby by going to the location where you left Chance from his remains but you will be unable to get the true ending that everyone lives.

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