The Crew 2: 100% Achievement Guide

Hello there, people. In this guide I will tell you the ways for unlocking all achievements in the game The Crew 2.


Follower Level Achievements

To earn these achievements, you just need to do events and earn followers at your own pace, but
one of the fast ways is to compete in Summits (just completing one event there keeps you in Bronze tier and most Summits give 300,000 followers for Bronze).

Rival Achievements

  • To earn these achievements you need to beat each rival, to unlock the rival events you need to complete 50% of events for the selected family (Street Racing, Offroad, Pro Racing, Freestyle).
  • To see your current completition percentage you can just select the HQ on the map and it will be displayed in the bottom:

  • After you’ve completed 50% of events or more, the rival or the coach will talk to you, indicating the possibility of joining the one-on-one event against the rival.

Live Xtrem Series Achievements

To earn those you just need to complete all events of Live Xtrem Series. If you don’t have one on your map, its probably still locked or you don’t have the vehicles required. Here I will tell you how to find them on map using filters, which vehicles you’ll need and where the events are located.How to easily find them on the map:

To do this you just need to open your Map, in the bottom menu you’ll see the Open Filters button. After you’ve pressed it you’ll be presented with a list of options to filter events on your map. Use your navigation keys to select desired filters and the map will change accordingly.

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode 1This episode will be complete when you’ll do your first race in this game after customizing your character
  • Live Xtrem Series Episode 2You’ll need a Street RacePowerboat and Rally Raid vehicles to enter.

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode 3You’ll need a JetsprintMotocross and Touring Car vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode 4You’ll need a Street RacePowerboat and Rally Cross vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode 5You’ll need a HypercarAlpha Grand Prix and Jetsprint vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode FinaleYou’ll need a Rally CrossHypercarJetsprint and Alpha Grand Prix vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode Miami Surf n TurfYou’ll need a PowerboatRally Raid and Hypercar vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode September SpectacularYou’ll need a Rally CrossHypercar and Hovercraft vehicles to enter

  • Live Xtrem Series Episode Holiday SpecialYou’ll need a Rally RaidStreet Race and Powerboat vehicles to enter

Friend Activity Achievements

 To earn this achievement, you need to beat any friend’s highlight. To see them on the map easily, just filter it for highlights, friends. Then set a record on any highlight.

To earn this achievement you need to beat a Rival’s(the people from HQ) or a Friend’s ghost. To see them you need to start any event (or skill) a second time after you completed it. It it easier with skills because you will spend less time doing it.

These two are pretty self explanatory – do stuff in the crew.

Vehicle Achievements

To earn this achievement you need to equip your vehicle with max perf level parts

On this screenshot my vehicle perf level is 226, while the max level is 280. To earn the achievement you need to get your car perf level to 280 (if its a street race car)

To earn this achievement you need to equip any vehicle only with epic (purple) parts, if you equip it with legendary (yellow) parts it will not count.

To earn this achievement you just need to own any 30 vehicles

To earn this achievement you need to drive 2km with the most expensive car. Now, I’ll tell you the trick how to get it but not spend all your money – just use the test drive option when you’re choosing a car in HQ. (In this example I’m showing Regera, because it was the most expensive car in the main game, before updates, and I can confirm that I got the achievement by driving it)

To earn this achievement, you just need to customize the color of any car in your home.

To earn this achievement just find high ramp or on some Rally Raid events you can jump pretty far, just don’t forget to be on the bike in the event

Misc Achievements

To earn this achievement you just need to complete a New York Hypercar event, but its kinda long (30minutes or more). You can easily find it on Activities tab, on else its here on the Map

To earn this achievement you just need to complete any event on Hard difficulty

To earn this achievement you need to Retry on the bottom of the event ending screen 3 times in a row and not to just do it 3 times from the start

You’ll earn this eventually after you’ve spent 24 hours in the game, probably more because of the loading screens.

To earn this achievement you need to turn your freestyle ui on (I turned it off because it’s kinda annoying), and just do some stuns. You can do it easily by drifting.

To earn this achievement you just need to go to the border of the map, either on the boat or on the plane

To earn this achievement you just need to snap a photo throught the Photomode, without the photo op present.

To earn this achievement you need to keep doing the events for either of the families (Street Racing, Pro Racing, Freestyle, Offroad) untill you get all the narrative rewards. To check how much you’ve already got and to watch them all for the achievement you’ll need to go to the Pilot menu.

Jack of all trades

To earn this achievement you need to complete one event from each category. To easily sort them I would recommend you to filter your map and check the ones you’ve completed there.Now I will list all the events you need:

  • Aerobatics (Freestyle)
  • Demolition Derby (Freestyle)
  • Monster Truck (Freestyle)
  • Jetsprint (Freestyle)
  • Street Race (Street Racing)
  • Drift (Street Racing)
  • Drag Race (Street Racing)
  • Hypercar (Street Racing)
  • Powerboat (Pro Racing)
  • Touring Car (Pro Racing)
  • Air Race (Pro Racing)
  • Alpha Grand Prix (Pro Racing)
  • Rally Raid (Offroad)
  • Rally Cross (Offroad)
  • Motocross (Offroad)
  • Hovercraft (Offroad)

To earn this achievement you need to complete each skill type. To easily sort them I would recommend you to filter your map and check the ones you’ve completed there.

Now I will list them here for convinience:

  • Aerobatics (Freestyle)
  • Buoy Smashing (Freestyle)
  • Low Altitude (Freestyle)
  • Escape (Offroad)
  • Escape (Street Racing)
  • Escape (Pro Racing)
  • Slalom (Offroad)
  • Slalom (Pro Racing)
  • Speedtrap (Street Racing)
Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Easiest way to earn this achievement is to just look in the activities menu for photo album is each family (Street Racing, Pro Racing, Freestyle, Offroad). To find it, you just need to scroll right to the end in the menu.

So you just need to do 40 photo ops, and you’ll earn the achievement

Drift Like A Tester

Stats for this achivement are kind of surprising for me, because I earned it quite easily, but it seems most of you need some advice. Let me help you out. I’ve made a video about it because it’ll be kinda long to write about, so if you need help feel free to watch it.

But to sum it up – just chain your drifts, drift even in straights, even the shortest drifts help to keep the multiplier.

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