The Devil Haunts Me Guide – Quick Start for New Player

THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME is a survival game about gathering resources, discovering secrets, and avoiding the horror that lurks deep within the woods.

Cut down trees, hunt deer, and gather water. You need all three of these resources to survive each day. Explore as you wish, and discover secrets in the woods which just might help you survive. But be careful, there’s something else in these woods…(Quoted from Steam Store)


Here is a simple guide for new players to get started.

P.S. if you play it on PC, turn off the gamepad.

Basic controls: ↑(Up), ↓(Down), ←(Left), →(Right)  ,C(Zoom out),Z(Use item),ESC(Menu)


Get out of the house

Move your avatar to the pointed area to get out

Tools: Gun, Ax, Bucket


Basically, you need to Collect wood(5), meat(4) and water(2) each day.


Using gun to collect meat from dears, ax to collect woods from trees and bucket to collect water to fill the tank near your house.

Beware the energy bar, Moving or any action will consume them.

Tips: Don’t get too close to the deer, they’ll get scared and run away, be careful ,don’t get ran over by scared deer, that will consume your hearts(you have 2 hearts at start, run out of them you will die)

When finishing collecting, you can go back home to your bed to start a new day, or if you have energy left, you can explore the world.

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