The Dream Machine: All Achievement Guide (Chapter 1-7)

Here is a full walkthrough on how to get all achievements in chapter 1 to 7.


Chapter 1

  • Island Life

    Escape the island

    Story achievement.

  • The New House

    Explore the estate

    Story achievement.

  • Alicia’s Dream

    Listen to your wife’s dream

    Talk to Alicia about her dream.

  • Too Late For That

    Try to escape your fate

    Use coat hanger with Alicia.

  • Electrical Engineer

    Solve the floor board puzzle

    Story achievement.

  • End Chapter 1

    Complete the first chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 2

  • `Naughty, naughty`

    Solve the gramophone puzzle prematurely

    Use the code: Solve the gramophone puzzle prematurely.

  • Mind Blown

    Enter your first dream

    Story achievement.

  • One Down

    Kill Mr Morton’s tentacle

    Story achievement.

  • I have A Feeling I’m Being Watched…’

    Access Mr Morton’s secret room

    Story achievement.

  • End Chapter 2

    Complete the second chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 3

  • Menial Labour

    Complete the tasks

    Story achievement.

  • I May Have Committed Some Light Arson…’

    Commit arson

    Story achievement.

  • Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word…’

    Complete the blackmail letter

    Story achievement.

  • Tend The Tender

    Save the bartender from dying

    Don’t send Bloody Mary cocktail. You won’t get frequency hints for the radio in this case, so figure them out.

  • Among The Elite

    Get promoted to Command

    Story achievement.

  • Two Down

    Kill Alicia’s tentacle

    Story achievement.

  • End Chapter 3

    Complete the third chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 4

  • Doctor Sleep

    Make sleeping powder

    Story achievement.

  • Party Pooper

    Disrupt the tea party

    Story achievement.

  • The Teddy Bear’s Lament

    Listen to the teddy bear’s song

    Dream, Bathroom. Tell Teddy Bear that you’re his owner and listen to the whole song without interruption.

  • I Like To Watch’

    Be a peeping tom

    Dream, living room. Hang bedroom to the left of living room, put young man’s and Edie’s photos on bedroom frame. Look into the window.

  • Three Down

    Kill Edie’s tentacle

    Story achievement.

  • End Chapter 4

    Complete the fourth chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 5

  • Crank Caller

    Harass your neighbour, a lot

    While calling Mr Willard from the surveillance room ask him to wait 4 times during one call.

    Angry Neighbour

    Harass your neighbour, a lot

    1. Ring the doorbell at Selma’s door and insist talking to her.
    2. Go to Willard’s room and increase radio volume to the max.
    3. Come into Selma’s apartment and try going into the kitchen.
    Be as impudent as you can.

    Move On Out

    Solve the gramophone puzzle prematurely


    The Pumpkin Prince

    Restore the pumpkin kingdom

    Bring forked twig to the pumpkins near witch’s house.
    Do some talking and management, return from time to time to give new instructions until everything is resolved.

    Big Boy

    Make the witch’s potion

    Story achievement.

    Grave Robber

    Steal from the dead

    Take staff from the knight’s grave with you. Achievement will pop later, after finishing that area.

    The Secret Glades

    Selma’s dream. Drink potion to become big and walk to any place unreachable by roads, e.g. between witch’s hut and squirrel’s tree. Then drink potion again to become normal.

    Five Down

    Kill Martin’s and Selma’s tentacles

    Story achievement.

    You’ve Always Been The Caretaker’

    Solve the gramophone puzzle prematurely

    When machine asks to take Felix’s place choose “Sounds intriguing…” and then “All right, I’ll do it”.
    Load Autosave later to continue playing.

    End Chapter 5

    Complete the fifth chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 6

  • Through The Looking Glass

    Wake up again

    Story achievement.

  • The Ultimate Promotion

    Get a new job

    Story achievement.

  • Old Friends

    Meet an old friend

    Second floor, right after visiting Victor’s mother. Ring Edie’s door bell, then enter and talk to her.

  • Thy Kingdom Come

    Appoint a new king

    Talk to the three rats on the ship until they tell you about their father.
    Rat king location: Selma’s dream, house with Jerome(vampire). There is a rat hole between kiln and bed. Enter it and talk to the rat until it gives you the crown.
    Then go to any of the three rats on the ship and bestow the crown.

  • Heart Of Gold

    kiln and bed.

    Use fishing rod or forked twig + coat hanger with a lake in Selma’s dream to get locket.
    Give heart shaped locket to the strange girl in the same dream.

  • Six Easy Pieces

    Find all map pieces

    Story achievement.

  • End Of The Line

    Solve the maze puzzle

    Story achievement.

  • Retroactive Abortion

    Circumnavigate yourself

    Save the game before doing this if you want to do next achievement without replaying whole chapter.
    Kill fetus Victor with coat hanger.

  • Deliver Unto Me

    Circumnavigate yourself

    Don’t kill fetus Victor, tie yarn to him and pull him out like acorn before.

  • End Chapter 6

    Complete the sixth chapter

    Story achievement.

Chapter 7

  • I Woke Up And One of Us Was…’

    Complete the game

    Story achievement.

Across chapters

  • Straight Flush

    Flush every toilet

    There are three in total: in your room, in Edie’s, behind Morton’s lab. You can flush them in any chapter in any order when they’re accessible.


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