The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos All Book & Shelve Locations

If you can’t find the last book in a collection or where to shelf them, this guide is for you!


Books and Shelves
I got frustrated when I realized near the end of the game that I didn’t have all of the books of a set and I had to search the hole dungeon looking for it, so here they are:

A Brief History of Orcish Culture (party +1 Impact)
Book self located in the basement south west side of gambling den.
1/2 – 1st floor – Room north of the vendor. Looks like a dorm room.
2/2 – Basement – Room behind the bar in the gambling den.

Anthopological Function of the Goblin (party +2 Dodge)
Book self located on the 4th floor in Reivax’s room.
1/3 – 2nd floor – Hallway west of V.I.P. room.
2/3 – 4th floor – Room south east of the guard room.
3/3 – 4th floor – Room attached to elevator.

The Barbarians (Barbarian +2 Str.)
Book self is located in the Co-op room on the 2nd floor.
1/3 – 2nd floor – Dorm.
2/3 – 2nd foor – Locked room north of the dorm.
3/3 – 2nd floor – Privy.

Basic Spells for Basic Wizards (Wizard +2 Int.)
Book self is located on the 2nd floor in the room locked by an ogre door.
1/4 – 1st floor – South side of the Ritual room.
2/4 – 2nd floor – Room north of the Basin Room.
3/4 – 5th floor- Privy.
4/4 – Library – Cursed Book Room.
Cursed Knights for Dummies (Party +2 Physical Resist)
Bookcase is located in the library in the room south of Khazline’s office.
1/3 – Library – Room north of front desk.
2/3 – Library – Duesdays’ office.
3/3 – -Library – Room south east of the Index.

Demonology : Randomai (fills randomai meter)
Bookshelf located in basement behind a locked door in the wine cellar.
1/4 – 4th floor – Reivex’s room. On the terrace.
2/4 – Library – South of Duesday’s Office – encounter drop.
3/4 – Basement(last chapter) – In a locked room near its bookshelf.
4/4 – 4th floor – Prison room – encounter drop.

Demonology : Tuff’luk God of Fail (Party +1 Precision)
Book self is located in the basement in the locked room next to the wine cellar
1/4 – 4th floor – Raivax’s Office.
2/4 – Basement – Wine Cellar encounter drop.
3/4 – Library – Training Room encounter.
4/4 – Subbasement – Encounter drop just after leaveing Urik’s Depths.

Dwarven Strikes and Social Movements (Dorf +2 Con.)
Book self is in Urik’s Depts in the Queens Chamber. Do the chase the lever quest to open.
1/5 – Room West of the Palace.
2/5 – Dorm east of the Tavern
3/5 – Encounter drop. Axe quest.
4/5 – Room north east of the Throne Room.
5/5 – Prison – In the far right prison cell when facing the row of cells.

History of Elves in Fangh (Elf +2 Agi.)
Book self on the 6th floor in herbalist area.
1/3 – 2nd floor – North of the Cauldron Room.
2/3 – 6th floor – In a chest in the Garden
3/3 – 7th floor – Chicken Coop.

On Adventure (Ranger +2 Char.)(better than a swift kick in the a** I guess)
Book shelf is on the 6th floor in the executioners room
1/3 – 1st floor – Room behind the privy.
2/3 – 6th floor – Room north of the Forge.
3/3 – 7th floor – On a blimp.

Secrets of Chicken (Party +1 Sprint)
Book shelf is on the 7th floor
1/4 – 1st floor – Vendor room.
2/4 – 2nd floor – Co-Op room.
3/4 – Library – Chase the lever quest.
4/4 – 4th floor- Goblin Workshops.

The Theory of Traps (Thief +2 Courage)
Book shelf is in the Subbasement in the stalker area.
1/4 – 2nd floor – Dark Dorf encounter.
2/4 – Basement – Room west of Stalkers Den.
3/4 – Basement – Encounter drop Minstrel quest.
4/4 – Library – Rare Book Room.

What of Golbarghs (Party +2 Magic Resist)
Book shelf is on the 5th floor in the room to the east of the privy.
1/2 – 5th floor – Lair of the Golbargh. In a chest behind the thrown.
2/2 – 5th floor – Puzzle room that opens after you return from the library.

1 – 1st floor – Room south of Gardens. Looks like a dorm.
2 – 2nd floor Dormitory western wall.
3 – 6th floor small shops area on the north wall of the tailor shop.
4 – 2nd floor Mel’s room
5 – 7th floor – In the attic on the north wall nest to a statue. There are 4 statues and it is on the
left of the second statue from the left.

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