The Escaper: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

The Escaper is a brain-teasing puzzle game with four short levels. All achievements are tied to completion and the completion of each puzzle in under 30 and 15 minutes.

 All unnecessary progression steps were removed in order to go faster.
 Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.


 Start a new game.
 Go through the tutorial.

  • Turn around and interact with books on the cabinet.
  • Push 2nd, 4th, and 6th to open a drawer below. Pick up the Gramophone.
  • Click on the bottom left vase and move it to find Counterweight.
  • Turn left.
  • Put Gramophone on table next to phone.
  • Click on table legs and solve the puzzle:
  • Take the Knife from the opened drawer.
  • Look at the green chair and use the Knife to find Blue Key.
  • Turn left.
  • Use the Blue Key on the bottom right drawer and enter 5637.
  • Pick up the Magnifying Glass from the drawer.
  • Turn around.
  • Use Magnifying Glass on the world map sphere and move it to Egypt:
  • Pick up the Red Key.
  • Turn around and use the Red Key on the top drawer.
  • Pick up the Vinyl.
  • Enter Flow on the left compartment and take the Statue Head.
  • Turn around and use the Statue Head on the base right of globe.
  • Slowly turn the Statue Head left and once it goes down, turn it right.
  • Repeat until it goes all the way down.
  • Once successfully done, the statue picture on the wall next to clock will move.
  • Take the Wooden Piece from above the picture.
  • Turn left and use the Wooden Piece on the bottom right drawer.
  • Move the wooden pieces to the positions shown in the following screenshot:
  • Input the following sequence on the locked drawer:
  • Pick up the Winding Key.
  • Turn right and use the Counterweight in grandfather clock.
  • Set the time to 1:45, and place and rotate the Winding Key.
  • Back out and take the Key from behind the pendulum.
  • Use the key at the bottom compartment of the clock and pick up the Gramophone Part.
  • Turn around, open the gramphone, and use the VinylL and Gramophone Part on it.
  • Press ON and move the needle to the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 1st, and 3rd disc sections.
  • Pick up the Coin and use it on the phone nearby. Dial 87243.
  • Pick up the Key.
  • Use the key on the door; it will break.
  • Turn around and use the Broken Key on the vent to the left of the couch.
  • Go through the Vent.

Room 1 Complete
Escape from the first room
  • And if you did it quickly:

Quick Escaper Room 1
Escape room 1 in less than 30 minutes

Flash Escaper Room 1
Escape room 1 in less than 15 minutes
  • Click under the table and take the Fuse.
  • Turn right.
  • Click on boiler, open bottom compartment, and take Fuse.
  • Look down behind the pipe connection and take Paintbrush.
  • Click on washer and open the top compartment to find a Fuse.
  • Turn right, open fuse box, and take Fuse.
  • Place the fuses on the following manner (where X is a fuse):
  • Look at the bottom of the door and take the Machine Belt.
  • Look down and use the Paintbrush on buckets to reproduce the following pattern:

  • Open the toolbox and take the Hook from inside.
  • Turn around and look to the grill on floor. Use the Hook to get a Green Key.
  • Turn right and open the locker with the green key. Take Wooden Crate.
  • Turn around and input 35 – 49 – 43 – 52 on the locker.
  • Pick up the Machine Belt Pulley and approach the red machine belt on the right.
  • Use Machine Belt Pulley and Machine Belt.
  • Then, turn on the machine by clicking on the red button.
  • Pick up the Pneumatic Tube Container and interact with it in your inventory to get a Red Key.
  • Use the Red Key on the metal box on the right side.
  • Set the dials to:
  • Turn around, open the metal box and pick up the Temperature Gun.
  • Place the crate on the elevator and press the button. Take the Key.
  • Turn right, approach the vent, and use the Key to go through it.

Room 2 Complete
Escape from the second room
  • And if you did it quickly:

Quick Escaper Room 2
Escape room 2 in less than 30 minutes

Flash Escaper Room 2
Escape room 2 in less than 15 minutes
  • Turn right and move the rock aside to find a Shovel.
  • Turn right, click unmarked pillar, and rotate it to find a Jar Full of Water.
  • Look at the boat and solve the puzzle:

    Left – Right – Left – Middle – Right

  • Pick up the Hexagonal Key from the opened compartment.
  • Also, pick up the Sandbag from the right corner.
  • Turn around and solve the pillar puzzle:
  • Approach the box and use the Hexagonal Key to find a Robot inside. Pick it up.
  • Turn left and use the Robot on the hole on wall.
  • Move all the way forward and click on Grab/Release button when it’s available.
  • Move the handles to these positions:
  • Approach the light-marked spot and use the Shovel on it.
  • Use the Jar Full of Water on the bowl and go through the door.
  • Turn around and look on top of the coffin to find a Key. Pick it up.
  • Turn left and open the briefcase with the Key.
  • Pick up the Cogwheel.
  • Turn left and use the Cogwheel on the mechanism.
  • Interact with the button to the left of the door and solve the rope puzzle:

    3 – 4 – 2 – 1 – 5

  • Press the button.
  • Press the button again and immediately approach the mechanism.
  • You’ll find a Golden Key in the bottom wheel.
  • Press the button one last time to open the door.
  • Pick up the SANDBAG from the left corner and go through the door.
  • Approach the chest and use the Golden Key on it. Pick up the Sandbag from inside.
  • Go back to the previous room and use all Sandbags on the pallet on corner.
  • Turn right and interact with the box.
  • Solve the beetle puzzle by slowly raising one wing at a time until their red lights becomes clearer, then the other, then again the first. Repeat until both are fully open.

                        If the wings close it means you moved one of them too far or fast.

  • Pick up the Knife.
  • Turn left and use the Knife on the mummy in coffin.
  • Pick up ALL but the Heart Ball from the mummy.
  • Turn left and interact with the jars. Solve the puzzle:
  • Interact with the now open panel next to the door and solve the puzzle:
  • Pick up the Ankh and use it to open the door.
  • Go through it.

Room 3 Complete
Escape from the third room
  • And if you did it quickly:

Quick Escaper Room 3
Escape room 3 in less than 30 minutes

Flash Escaper Room 3
Escape room 3 in less than 15 minutes
  • Go forward, click on the lamp, and take the small Magnet from its feet.
  • Turn around and approach the maze on wall.
  • Use the Magnet and guide the ball through the maze to the right exit.
  • Pick up the Key.
  • Turn around and open the white door with the Key.
  • Approach the left cabinet and input 140.
  • Pick up the Xylophone Mallet from the top drawer.
  • Turn right and interact with the Xylophone.
  • Use the Mallet on it and touch the following notes:
    •  (3rd)
    •  (5th)
    •  (1st)
    •  (3rd)
    •  (5th)
    •  (3rd)
    •  (3rd)
  • Pick up the Floppy Disk and use in on the computer nearby (floppy disk reader on case).
  • Solve the IQ-quiz:

    B – B – C – C – D – C – C – C – D – D

  • Click on “Unlock Elevator Panel”.
  • Leave and approach the elevator.
  • Open the metal panel and interact with it. Input: 5372.
  • Take the elevator.

Room 4 Complete
Escape from the fourth room
  • And if you did it quickly:

Quick Escaper Room 4
Escape room 4 in less than 30 minutes

Flash Escaper Room 4
Escape room 4 in less than 15 minutes
By lylat and Pris

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