The Forest: How to Fix High Mouse Sensitivity

Many people have the problem that the mouse sensitivity in The Forest is way too high, even at 0%. Since this problem bothered me as well, I was looking for a fix, which I present here.



In this guide I will show you how to fix the mouse sensitivity in The Forest.
Even at 0% it’s way too high, which spoils the fun for some players.
A workaround was to simply change the Windows Mouse Sensitivity setting or changing the DPI on the mouse. But this wasn’t perfect and is quite annoying.

Installing dnSpy

To fix the mouse sensitivity, you’ll have to edit the game files and change up the code.
This can be done with dnSpy[].

Simply download the latest Release[] (You’ll need and extract all files to a folder.

Now you’ll have to start dnSpy.exe and continue with the next steps.

Opening the game files

We’re now going to open the game file that needs to be added.
Simply open your “The Forest” game directoy and navigate to: The Forest/TheForest_Data/Managed.

In here you’ll see a lot of .dll files. You only have to edit Assembly-CSharp.dll though.
Drag and drop this file into dnSpy to open it.

Editing Assembly-CSharp.dll

Here come’s the tricky part. We’re going to edit the code that turns the mouse input into actual camera movement.

First of all you’ll need to find the correct class that processes the mouse input. This class is called “SimpleMouseRotator”.

You can find this class on the left side of dnSpy under Assembly-CSharp ➤ Assembly-CSharp.dll ➤ {} – ➤ SimpleMouseRotator

Now you have to decompile/edit the method GetInput(). Simply expand the SimpleMouseRotator and right click on GetInput(). Now select Edit Method (C#)… from the context menu.

In the new popup window you’re now able to edit the code. You only need to change some numbers that are shown here:

This means that the new minimum sensitivity (0% in the settings) is actually 0 and the maximum sensitivity (100% in the settings) is also way lower.

After you’ve edited these values, click “Compile” on the bottom right of the popup.
The last thing you’ll have to do is saving the changes. Simply click on the save button in the toolbar as shown here:

And click OK on the upcoming dialog:


That’s it! The mouse sensitivity slider in the game should now be fixed.
You’re now able to use values over 0% without the mouse being way too fast.

Thanks to L N X for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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