The Genesis Project: All Items, Weapons and Equipments ID

Here is a list of all items, equipment and weapons ID available in The Genesis Project.   The Genesis Project Items ID Items Dutton Photo: ?0YFY90! Rat Poison: 0!Dierat Perfectly Generic Object: 00000000 Battery: AAABttry Nails: aGgrw6ul Apple Juice: ApplJuic Problem Sleuth Poster: BoilHard Con Air Bunny: BunnyBun Dead Bee: BuzzDead Sburb Disc: CD000000 Crockermate: […]

The Genesis Project: Beginners’ Guide

Read this before playing! This guide tells you all you need to know when starting out with TGP, especially if you’re a new player!   What is TGP? Welcome to The Genesis Project, the community’s attempt at recreating SBURB! In this game, you will destroy the world as you know it, play through confusingly esoteric game […]