The Innsmouth Case: Achievement and Ending Guide

Spoilers! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Some of these achievements are hard to get to, which is why I made a partial storyboard to help find some endings. In this guide I will give you a rough idea about the requirements for each achievement and where you can find it. I have made the choices bold however there are some points where you follow a fairly linear choice pattern which I have left. An issue with some of these is that there may be a different way of doing it, but you wont know if you get the achievement, which is why there are single solutions.

This is my first guide so constructive criticism is welcome!

Thanks to Robot Pumpkin Gaming for making the game and for some hints towards some of the harder endings!

See the bottom of the guide for the lost girls location.



Ancient Spice

You will need to arrive on the bus and talk to the old lady who first talks to you, flirt with her and she will tell you about a Grotto which you get to from the Harbour. When you get there pick Priscilla.


You will need to take the bus and sit next to someone. Talk to them and look at their clothes, you will get into a conversation, but do not mention the missing girl. When you arrive, he should wave back at you.

By any means necessary

Do not go to the hotel first, waste time until it gets dark and you need to head to the hotel. You wont be able to get in, and will head back to the town where you find the group of villagers, hide in the shadows and knock on the door then the next. make a scene and then flirt with the old lady, you ‘want’ to sleep with her *shudders*.


You will need to kiss the woman’s hand when she arrives in your office, flirt with her and compliment her eyes, then jugular. When you find Tabitha (Look at the hidden section if you need help), follow her home and be nice to Deliah (the woman) until she kicks you out, do not drink the wine under any circumstances.

Cthulhu fhtagn!

For this you will need to get all 27 endings which will be listed in the next chapter, some are fairly easy, some are harder to get.

Hard Truths

Follow what you did for Compassion, however when you get the option to talk about last night choose that and go down the romance route, go through dinner without drinking the wine and tell her she looks stunning and take her here and nowMarry her and when you get to the point where you will sacrifice someone throw the dagger in the void and leave. You will come across a monster! A monster in the form of a little girl. Let her know how she was made. Now who’s the monster!

History Lesson

Go to the Harbour and then to the Churchjoin the crowd and get involved, follow the argument and step in between them then use the teachings of their religionEnter the Church and look at the murals then do it again.

I Want to Believe – The I Files

Go to the Town Centre and then to the Town Hallwander around and enter and empty office, then open one of the files.

Is this the bathroom

When you return Tabitha Enter with her and then have dinnerhand Dahlia the empty glass and imitate her, then smell the wine again and intentionally spill the wineDo some snooping around and follow the corridor down the other wayenter the study and open one of the files.

It must be a mask

Go to the Harbour, then to the Beach, go to the Beach Bar and sit on a deckchairGo somewhere private and when you wake up, go along the beach towards the lights and join in, go for a home run! Yum, fishy!


First, you want to hitchhike, then threaten the little girl because everyone knows they’re easy to pick on. Unless they aren’t, this will be one of those times. Go and get Tabitha and ignore her because you clearly know more than a little girl. Unless you don’t, and you know where this is going. When you find out you’re in the wrong place, distract the village people. Is there a lesson to this, yes, little girls are boss level in this game.

Not on my Watch

Go to the Town Centre and go to the Fountainsit by the tourists and watch them family, you’ll spot a creepy figure, go towards him, direct, and rush around the corner, fight him and pin his arms down and knock him out.

One Night Stand

When Dahlia first visits you, kiss her hand and flirt with hercompliment her eyes, then go for the jugular. Then bow chicka wow wow.

Pain in the Ass

When Dahlia first visits you, throw up when you first see Tabitha and make fun of her some more. When you get the ‘child’ back to Dahlia, stick around. When offered wine, tell her to let it breathe and then mention that you’re a vegan. By the time you’re naked on the floor with a dagger-wielding maniac above you ask what you did wrong. If it wasn’t obvious before, it will be now.

Penny Pincher

Start by hitchhiking to Innsmouth, be normal and when you get to Innsmouth, pretend you’re deaf. Double down and throw sand in the dudes face.


Continue from the end of ‘Penny Pincher‘ and waste time until it gets dark, only then should you go to the hotel, which you wont be able to get in to. Give up and walk towards the group of angry villagers, choose options until an unlikely character turns up to save you from a fiery predicament.

Seen it all

There are 21 locations to go to for this achievement:

Brothel, Town Hall, Town Square, Police Station, Jail Cell, Harbour, Town Entrance, Town Square, Pyre, Park and Ride, Church of Dagon, Sacrificial Cave, Park (only available by going to the Hotel from the Town Entrance), Beach, Hotel Day, Hotel Night, Marsh Estate, Snooping around the Estate, Sacrifice in the Loft, the Wellness Cage, and the Signposts*.

*citation needed

Achievements cont.

Strong Willed

Go to the Harbour and then to the Lighthouse. Ignore everything and keep going up, when you see the cube, look closer at the cube, then back out, all the way out.


Go to the Hotel, enter and then go to the Reception. pick whatever and then book a wellness retreat go through the motions and enter the cage. When a woman is taken and she reappears, tell her to climb onto the cage, you do the same, grab the bars then climb higher.

Vegan, by the way

Tell everyone, or at least three people, about your veganism in one playthrough, an example is:

Guy you sit next to on the bus, person at the burger joint, and Dahlia at the evening dinner.

Video Games are Evil

Go to the Town Centre and then to the surroundings, head to the Arcade and p̣̪̾͗̓̀́l̛͇̤̳ͯ̾̿ḁ̯̥̲̟͔ͣͤ̓̾͟ͅy͍̜ͮͪ͠ some games, take a look at the retro games and p̣̪̾͗̓̀́l̛͇̤̳ͯ̾̿ḁ̯̥̲̟͔ͣͤ̓̾͟ͅy͍̜ͮͪ͠ Pixelbius. Don’t stop, keep playing, p̣̪̾͗̓̀́l̛͇̤̳ͯ̾̿ḁ̯̥̲̟͔ͣͤ̓̾͟ͅy͍̜ͮͪ͠, play more, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Wall of the Wierd

Go to the Hotel and then Reception, head to your room and then look around the hotel. When you find the keys, look for the door that matches and look around the room

Welcome to the Hotel Massachusetts

Go to the Hotel and then Reception, head to your room and then take a nap. When you go into your dreams, turn around and face the creature following you. Look directly at them and when you awake look out the window. Fancy staying alive? Barricade the door.


Let’s call it a day!
Flat out reject the mission.

Fight the creep watching the family, but lose.

Demon Barber
Go to the barber and get a cut for your bald head.

Get shot, try and leave the dinner is one way.

At the Stake
Get caught by the angry villagers, don’t struggle or shout.

A Sacrifice to the Gods
After surviving a nightmare, look out the window and run.

See two/three crazy things, not reading the paper all the way on the bus is one thing, and get home to Boston.

Blood on your hands
See a crazy thing and then sacrifice someone else in the cave under the church.

Play the long game at the dinner with Dahlia, then abuse an old man.

Rabid Ferrets
Find the woman for ‘Ancient Spice’ and do some gardening, get too curious and look in a bag.

The Song of the Sea
Stay still in the cage during your wellness treatment.

Buried Alive
Find the woman for ‘Ancient Spice’ and have second thoughts mid-way through.

Just Married
Go full romantic with Dahlia.

I regret nothing
Choose Don at the brothel.

Should get this with the ‘Survivor’ achievement.

Flirt with Dahlia, then drink the wine at dinner, now talk your way out of a sacrifice.

Yith we can!
Go to the lighthouse and pick up the cube.

It’s the New Economy, stupid
Play Maison of the Unliving and watch the whole beginning, then talk a graphic designer out of more sacrifices.

A bad feeling
Escape Innsmouth after seeing some strange goings on.

Don’t look at the creature chasing you in the dream.

Black Widow
Drink some wine, yum! Oh no, I’ve been stabbed.

Sinking Feeling
At the sacrifice, throw the dagger in the void, you’ll follow soon after.

Final Destination
Try and walk out of Innsmouth, I’m sure the Proclaimers did this at some point.

Broken Chains
Fight your way out of the Police Station after making a friend on the bus.

Sleeping with the Fishes
Choose Coy at the brothel.

Don’t see anything out of the ordinary, save the girl and leave straight away.

Dagon’s Embrace
Be a little crazy and attack the high priest at the sacrifice.

Lost Girl’s Location

You will find her by going to the Town Centre, then searching the surroundings, then going to the ArcadePlay some games, choose FPS and then BOOM! possibly the others I haven’t checked. When someone tugs on your coat, look at them, it’s her.

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