The Innsmouth Case: Achievements and Ending Guide

Very much full of spoilers. I thought most of these achievements, the issue was where to find them, not necessarily how. I think in no place do I say exactly what to click on.


One Night Stand
To get this, compliment Delilah when she first visits. Don’t take her out to dinner – go for the eyes first and then something else (will clarify in a later revision)

Jonah is the guy you meet on the bus. Sit next to someone and then talk to them.

Penny Pincher
Get George and Ellen to give you a ride. Then refuse to pay and throw dirt in George’s face. You can do Savior from here easily!

Not On My Watch
The gawper is found when you go to the town fountain. From there, I’m pretty sure you have to approach him from the front, charge him, and then punch him, but you’ll figure it out.

I Wand To Believe – The I Files
Pretty sure you get this when you go to the City Hall, then go snooping through the records.

Video Games are Evil
The game you’re looking for is one of the retro ones, focusing on geometry. Keep playing until you see the demon chaos at the center of the universe.

History Lesson
The fragments are a mural at the church of Dagon and I think you get there by helping the two people outside of it settle their differences.

Strong Willed
The cube is at the top of the lighthouse. There are sort of two opportunities for you to walk away, you want the second one when your hands are trembling.

Book wellness sessions at the Gilman hotel. When fish people start attacking you, climb to the top of the cage.

Ancient Spice
This is the second-to-last area of the map that I found. First, flirt with Muriel at the town entrance so she tells you about the Grotto. Then go there and pick Priscilla.

It Must Be A Mask
First go to the beach. Do not get the Innsmouth Special, but go to one of the deck chairs and take a nap. Then head towards the lights. Join in the festival. The rest writes itself.

Wall of the Weird
Go to the Gilman hotel early on. Walk around the other wing, finding a set of keys. Explore the room the open.

First, threaten to beat up the girl at the park and ride. Then, there’s probably other ways, but the way I did it was to find “Tabitha” then go to the WRONG address, and then just run from the townspeople chasing me.

Welcome to the Hotel Massachusetts
Go to the Gilman hotel, take a nap, look directly at what’s chasing you. Done.

Then redo this but don’t look at it so you unlock an ending where you die in your sleep.

First sleep with Deliah. Then ask her about last night when you return “Tabitha” to her. Then just play it from there being nice to her until she kicks you out of the house.

Is this the bathroom
Return “Tabitha” home and don’t drink the wine. Leave the room and go to the study. Snoop around.

By Any Means Necessary
When you’re avoiding cultists in the endgame, knock on a door, make a scene to get the person to come out, then compliment them until they let you… stay the night.

Pain in the ♥♥♥
You have to ♥♥♥♥ of Dahlia. First vomit when you see her kid, then make fun of her kid some more, then mention you’re vegan, then tell her to let the wine breathe. Finally when she’s about to sacrifice you, find the line that says, “What did I do wrong?”

First throw dirt in George’s face as per Penny Pincher. Then get captured by townies and George should rescue you.

Hard Truths
First get Deliah to marry you. Then flee the scene somehow (this may take some investigating). Then once outside, tell her daughter some hard truths.

Cthulhu fhtagn!
I think this achievement may be bugged to unlock when you have all OTHER achievements, not when you have all endings because at the time of writing this, I have it unlocked but absolutely do NOT have all endings unlocked. So take that for what it’s worth.

Seen it All
Most of these unlock themselves. I had a hard time with the Wet Grotto (flirt with Muriel and she’ll tell you about it) and the Park (after hitchhiking, go to the hotel).

Vegan, by the way
Your three options are
1. When you first take the case
2. When you sit next to someone on the bus
3. When you have dinner with Deliah.

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