The Invisible Hand: All Achievements

Here is an overview of all the achievements of The Invisible Hand game. hope this list will help you to get 100% achievement, if you are stuck on any achievement, please let me know.


The Invisible Hand All Achievements List

Hired Hand

Nail the interview.

Analyze This

Get promoted to Analyst.


Get promoted to Associate.


Get promoted to Vice-President.

The Invisible Hand

Finish the game on any difficulty.

Standard Practice

Finish the game on Normal Mode.

Snitches Get Riches

Become an informant for TIC.

Capital Trust

Pay the fine and return to work at FERIOS.

Truth & Consequences

Pay the fine and quit FERIOS.

Return On Investment

Go to prison for FERIOS.

The Visible Hand

Destabilize the system.

Toy Totaller

Purchase one of each boxes from Boxes Extravagant.


Purchase one of each real estate property type from De Facto Estates.


Throw something at a colleague.

Day Trader

Ignore the counsel of senior professionals.

The Crystal Method

Sample the strongest coffee available at FERIOS.

Serenity Now

Sample the strongest tea available at FERIOS.

Company Person

Accumulate 10.000.000 wealth for the corporation.

Private Property

Accumulate 5.000.000 of personal wealth.

Valuable Asset

Last long enough as a confidential informant for TIC.

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