The Kind Camomille Guide (Map & Butterfly Catching)

Here is a simple guide for map and butterfly catching.



This map displays the starting location of all the characters (besides Grandma, the backpack dealer, and the long-lost brothers). Characters will typically relocate to the picnic area after you Camomille helps them. If you have interacted with a character, an icon for that character will remain on your map.

Butterfly Catching

  • The butterfly net is a tool given to Camomille by Mr. Rabbit, who can be found on the main hill above two sets of stairs in an open meadow.
  • Mr. Rabbit has lost the net, which he tasks Camomille with recovering.
  • The net can be found slightly east of Mr. Rabbit’s starting position, downstream nearing a waterfall and against a rock.
  • Camomille must return the net to Mr. Rabbit like a quest item before she gets one to equip from the inventory screen.
  • Click the desired equipment item – basket, butterfly net, and fishing rod – to equip it.
  • There is a small tutorial in the inventory screen upon equipping the butterfly net.
  • Once you have the glider, that is always equipped, and you will no longer be able to jump and swing the butterfly net.

Find the butterfly collection log in the Diary tab

Arlequin Butterfly
Around the picnic table
This cell is currently bugged. It may refer to the Blue-Stripped Butterfly, which is found along a path near Mr. Rabbit.
Cat Butterfly
Near flowers along the path beyond the second set of stairs, before a stream bifurcation with three bridges and a sign pointing to the Founder’s Monument
Veil Butterfly
On an elevated area with trees between a waterfall and the shore in the west
Clown Butterfly
Near the monaster
Dotted Butterfly
North on the second level of the main hill, near the bucket
White and Black Butterfly
Pond southwest of the path beyond the third set of stairs on the main hill
Greenspot Butterfly
On a path along the northwestern edge of the second level of the main hill
Humble Butterfly
Northwest of the second level of the main hill near some bushes and Chef Marko
Lady Butterfly
Just north of the dock start location at a crossroad sign
Simple Butterfly
Just after the bridge to Owl Village
Lapis Butterfly
In the center of Lily Falls village
Leaf Butterfly
On the southern island just north of Mr. Goat
Red Prince Butterfly
Grandma’s house
Summer Butterfly
Southwest near Vitas
Owl Butterfly
Separate elevated with stairs and a bridge area in the far northwest
Monarque Butterfly
Pond between waterfalls just down the falls from the White and Black Butterfly
Morning Blue Butterfly
On the southern island near the red flower
Neon Butterfly
Southwest near the owl kid
Orange-Stripped Butterfly
Near a bridge along the western shore
Orange-Tipped Butterfly
On the outlook where you find Mr. Beaver’s daughter

Thanks to Pelican for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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