This is a fighting game,
The most important part of this game:
(1) Choose your opponent carefully
Choose an opponent of comparable strength,
to have a chance to experience the fun of the game.
Too strong or too weak will look boring.

(2) The role of choice
Some players think he has a love for certain characters,
or think that certain characters are particularly easy to use
Fearless said,
“Kung Fu itself is not strong or weak,
but martial artists are different from strengths and weaknesses.”
But the role is not Kung Fu,
more like a weapon.
You take a cannon and hit a knife,
this kind of thing is not open.


Ratio 1 (Old players only)

Ratio 1 (Old players only)
Ash Crimson
The Main Character in Ash Saga (2003, XI, XIII),
He is deliberately designed to be the slowest,
the representative person with the weakest air skills and the lowest damage.
But his Super Desperation Move: Sans-Culotte (ABCD) can change to an unlimited combo via long time practices.

Mai Shiranui
Wide range of fists and feet,
But the skills are less functional,
In projectiles, invincible skills, anti-aircraft, catching skills:
there is only one projectile in the four skills.

Robert Garcia
The strongest character in Ratio 1,
He has all four skills,
boxing ability is considered intermediate,
But his HyperDrive combos is slightly more difficult.

Terry Bogard
Wide range of fists and feet,
but the slowest return character,
He has hostile air skills and flying props.

Have a fast near C and a slow far C,
her combos most start with soft hits.

Leona Heidern
Not recommended for Newbies,
hard to use and her damage isn’t high,
needs more practices just like Ash.
Is a child who lacks love,
Urgently need the care of loving players.

Ralf Jones
Large attack range,
high speed,
but the four skills are completely absent.

Saiki Crimson (after transformation)
No ordinary fall,
no next attack,
no jump attack,
no NEO-Desperation Move,
but he has unlimited combos.

Ratio 2 (Hard for beginners)

Ratio 2 (Hard for beginners)
Athena Asamiya
The strongest character in Ratio 2.
Possess four skills.

Yuri Sakazaki
Shorthands and short feet,
but her judgement is strong,
some players list her as a Ratio 4.

Billy Kane
His stick is hands and feet,
Although the attack range is large,
the attack range is also large,
four skills are absent.

Kula Diamond
Combos start with soft hits,
her damage is medium,
but you need to remember many commands.
It’s a pity that it’s tightly wrapped.

Powerful fists and open-ground projectiles,
but not much damage.

Andy Bogard
It seems weak and sometimes hard,
skilled and error-prone role.

Elisabeth Blanctorche
Shorthands and short feet,
super kill with magic judgement.

Joe Higashi
Kick is weaker than the other two Muay Thai,
but there is unlimited potential in the corner.

Ratio 3 (Suitable for medians)

Ratio 3 (suitable for medians)
K’ Dash
The main character in N.E.S.T.S. Saga (99~2001).
Slow fist,
The 236A/C of Guess Up and Down is very interesting,
Air 214B/D with magic judgment and magic sunglasses (2363214A/C).
Medium destructive.

Super large size plus super fast speed.
He is nearly like Chang Koehan.

Takuma Sakazaki
Whole very old fist,
but the role positioning is a powerful fort.
He can easily hit 300 damage even without consuming resources.

Own Airmaster CD,
and a powerful magic fisherman (4236B/D).

Ryo Sakazaki
Powerful fist

Kensou Sie
A role that is easy to make mistakes against aerial skills.

Turret character,
very small grasping range.

Ratio 4 (Online matches after Level. 10)

Ratio 4 (Online matches after Level. 10)
Saiki Crimson (before transformation)
Basic skills are simple to copy Ash’s actions.
Although every action is ugly for a boss,
but high damage.

Hwa Jai
Can be called the first Muay Thai (King is the foot).
Fists fast and far, destructive power is also great.
Personally feel that it is unnecessary to use it if it is not to fight the enemy.

Clark Still
The King of grasping skills.
Ultra-long and fast air throw,
and rapid and powerful advancements.
Super hard JCD.

Benimaru Nikaido
Stun is long no matter whether it hits or defends.
It is difficult for the opponent to fight back.
The flaws in the grasping technique are also small.
Strong potential in the corner.

He is a bad masterpiece.
The fists are so strong that most characters can’t fight back.
The same is the best choice to fight the enemy.

Shen Woo
Powerful fist.

Far catching skills.

Chin Gentsai
Powerful counterattack and fists.

Ratio 5 (Recommended for Newbies)

Ratio 5 (Recommended for Newbies)
Iori Yagami (with Flames)
Versatile role.
There are no routines that cannot be cracked and cannot be used.

Kyo Kusanagi (N.E.S.T.S.)
Can block 236A and J2C easily knock a group of people to death.

Mr. Karate
The response time of the attack judgment is too long,
and the fists are fast and hard.
Various cancellations are possible.

Kim Kaphwan
There are only two disadvantages:
Gas storage skills and inaccessible projectiles.
Wide range of fists and feet.
NEO has the least exemption.

Kyo Kusanagi
The main character in Orochi Saga (94~97).
Strong fists (slightly slower).
Destructive power.

Iori Yagami
Strengthened Iori.
Reinforced in proportion to lost skills.
Hardness and damage.

Ash Crimson (Darkness)
Ash behind Saiki.
All skills and speed are greatly enhanced.
Can simply play unlimited segments.

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