The Last One Month: Combat and Boss Battle

General tips on Combat, and the final Boss Battle in The Last One Month.


01. Battle System

  1. You only have 5 seconds to choose what you want to do in your turn during battles. It will be a good idea to try looking over players’ skills and NPC information in the encyclopedia beforehand when you are in the lobby to make quick decisions when time comes.
  2. You can switch the positions of two characters if they are of the same size.
  3. If you use charge, the charge level will increase by 1 and you can use the skills that match the charge level. Also please keep in mind that, you cannot reduce your charge level by yourself.
  4. When you use defense, you gain a buff that increases your defense by 30% until the character’s next turn.
  5. Escape allows you to avoid emergencies during combat. If you have a flash grenade in your inventory, it will allow you to escape combat instantly.

02. Boss Battle

If there is only one surviving member or alliance, you can receive a royal gift that may you help in the boss battle. The person who inflicts the most damage to the boss will get 1st place.

  • Any status effect or de-buff will not work the boss. If you are preparing for the boss battle. Please remember that some of his attacks are AOE(Area of Effect) damage or hits random characters in the formation
  • NPC’s Critical Chance follows the player’s stat. If your character has a high critical chance, your NPCs will do as well.

Thanks to Mir for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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