The Last Show of Mr Chardish Walkthrough (All Collectibles & Achievements Guide)

Complete guide about all collectibles and achievements. The guide is finished, all information inside with screenshoots about achievement locations, how to do them and screenshoots about every single collectible. Walkthrough video availble too.


Storyline and ending achievements

These achievenets earned as you progress through the story and can’t be missed:

In the Spotlight
Complete the Solitude play

The Freedom Train
Complete the Symmetry play

I got carried away
Complete the “Anger” play

Per Aspera Ad Astra
Complete the Ascension play

We followed our dreams
Complete the Daydream play

At the end these choices represent the 2 endings. Each of it award one achievement. You can just go to this decision fast by continueing the game from main menu.

Some bridges should burn
Destroy the conveyance

Let’s have a fresh start
Start a new chapter of Theatre in Lindfield

Theatre 1 and Solitude collectibles and achievements

The first 3 notes on the first 3 desks once you enter the theatre.

Not far from there 5 more waiting for you.

Once at the stage loot up all 3 items before using the mask, green marked item, that will start Act 1. You can still loot up these after Solitude Act.

Inside Solitude Act this is the first recording, right at the beginning

After the first light puzzle, you will get to an outside area. Next recording is there.

The third is at a very hard to miss spot, you just need to turn the light to see the stairs.

An easy to miss collectible is found behind the waterfall.

The next one is inside of the labyrinth.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Return to the rearranged scene to make sure that it’s not the sameYou will get to a theatre area. When you enter the big room, you see dolls on the stage, when you go down you will see a castle. Go through the door and now turn back and run until the achievement unlocks. Once you behind the stage again and you see the dolls again the achievement should unlock. Location hint screenshoot:

The next and last one in this act is also easy to spot, you just need to move the light to make the stairs visible.

It is not always easy
Listen to all the tracks in the “Solitude”

Theatre 2 and Symmetry Act

After finished Solitude one collectible on one of the spectator chair.

Soon you will reach a big room, many collectibles there:

Same area, but you need to enter a door downstairs, inside 2 more collectibles:

Upstairs you need enter again a small room, 3 collectibles there and the green marked item starts the Symmetry Act:

The first collectible is in the first big room, you need to attack the jukebox to hit the big red button to unlock the dialogue.

After using first elevator you need to get up to a platform for 2nd collectible, it is a bit tricky.

It is in the next big room:

In the room where you need to travel moving platforms to get up

In the room after falling down:

Oops … didn’t mean that!
Push your companion into the abyss while having control over them.During the Symmetry act you will be able to control both robots. The second time you control Yellow too, there is a place where i managed to move up on the railing and make her fall down here:

Behind the door, you need to open it:

The actors, however, are important
Listen to all the tracks in the “Symmetry”

Theatre 3 and Anger Act

After Symmetry act, directly on your path:

Keep heading on your path, these are hard to miss:

Eventually you will get into a room with many-many collectibles:
AND + Anger Act start (green marked item)

During anger act you need to attack red balloons to audio track starts, the first is right after the first bridge you need to pass:

The next one will be on your path, next to a well.

For the next one you need to leave the path a bit:

Just like for this one, at some hourse there is a hidden path behind destructible bushes:

Once you reach the bigger city you can get two collectibles, one is easy to spot, the second is easy to miss:

The next one is at the dock, which is not on the main path so easy to miss it:

When you see some curtains on your right enter the area, one collectible is there:

The Last one is before the castle, The castle is to the left, so go right.

It’s not my fault
Listen to all the tracks in the “Anger”Nothing will stop me!
Get to the princess before the anger takes control over youIn the last room you need to get on the stage so you can be close to the princess. MANY “monster” pushing and blocking you so it is not easy, but once you get to the stage like on the screenshoot, then you will get the achievement:

Theatre 4 and Ascension Act

BEfore the next act only 3 collectibles left, green one start Ascension Act.

Goodness usually loses to ambition
Destroy all the statues in a caveDuring Ascension you need to jump on statues. Nearly all is on your path and you need to get the achievement before jumping on the big statue. The 2 easier to miss are required to reach second collectible.You need to follow the road for story, but instead go ahead to open the cage for the dialogue collectible.

You need to use statues to get up to this location. If you followed the road after the first collectible then this is the area right after the bridges, very close to previous one.

Hard to miss. You jump from statues to statues in a big cave and this collectible is very easy to see.

Another easy to spot collectibles, in a big cave.

As you jump from one statue to another, while you already see the very big statue, you will fall down, The cage is behind a corner, on the picture i face the direction where i came from.

Once you reach the big statue you will transform into a bird and 7 more collectibles waiting for you:

Strength is in the team
Listen to all the recordings in “Ascension”

Theatre 4 and Daydreaming Act

After Ascension you will get to a kitchen like room with many more collectibles:

And the next room is a painter room, loot both collectibles before the green, which starts the Daydreaming Act.

Once both looted you should get the:Catch ‘Em All
Find all collectibles scattered around the theatreThe first audio collectible is front of you at the beginning of the act

On next one i marked the audio accidently with green mark. The blue mark need to be “attacked” with the your brush so those will explode and paint the whole neighborhood. You need to with all on this level for the following achievement: (these are big, visible and not really missable so no seperate screenshoots for them)

Colour My World
Chodź, pomaluj mój świat

The next one is at the glasshouses:

Next one is on the tree, you need to go through the gate at the middle of the picture to progress the story. Pick up the audio collectible before.

At the picnic table is the next, there will be some cinematics, once the stairs available you can get to there.

Before the fortress, possible to miss.

Right after entering the fortress.

At the very end of the game, just before when you need to paint fountains so you can climb up a tree to enter the castle.

We were like in a fairy tale
Listen to all the recordings in the “Daydream”

That’s the whole story
Discover all collectibles in the game

Get all achievement

The artist fulfilled
Get all the achievementsThis, 20th Achievement awarded when you earn your 19th achievement. Not sure if you need to do it in a single save, if you start a new game then you might need to fulfill requirements for every single other one too.


Video walkthrough…
… if you got stuck somewhere, all collectibles looted in this video.

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