The Last Spell: Leveling up Guide

Level up Guide for game version beta.

Leveling up process can be confusing for new players.

Perks can be planned to an extent BUT some powerful one are SITUATIONAL and depend on rare RNG attributes and RNG gear from the production buildings.


Damage Type Multiplier Hero Type Separation
There are 3 +1 damage types currently in the Last Spell with associated damage type multipliers as primary (/ secondary for poison ) character attributes.

Magic, physical and ranged damage multipliers are capped at 100% ( * 2 damage) . Poison damage
multiplier is capped higher than 100% (how high ? ) ..

As a core design choice, these damage type multipliers ensure, by mid run the separation between the hero types: Melee=Physical Damage // Ranged = Ranged Damage // Magic = Magic Damage .

The way gear is setup one cannot realistically achieve ~ *2 damage to more than one of the damage types by endgame. These damage type multipliers are what tie Melee heroes to melee weapon sets, ranged heroes to ranged weapon sets and magic heroes to magic weapon sets..

Mixing weapon damage types early game is encouraged since all 3 damage type multipliers are low. Once the hero’s class damage type multiplier goes high, it becomes increasingly harder to justify equipping the ‘wrong’ weapon types with very rare exceptions.. (extra AP / multihit// propagation/ crit chance etc for the primary weapon/mobility/ utility / etc ..)

Level Up priority
(rare) + AP is very high priority until one reaches the cap (10) ..
With meta unlocks, heroes start at 7 so with a bit from gear or lucky level up – the cap is near and the Adrenaline Rush perk gets less and less valuable ..

Accuracy is among the most critical attributes for the early levels (see bellow the chance to dodge formula for the skills that allow it). Later on gear will probably cover most accuracy needs.

(rare) + Multihit – probably must pick, will steer the hero towards multihit weapons (1hxbow, wand, dagger) and even more multihit from gear

(rare) + Propagation bounces: this one often must pick, steers the hero towards propagation weapons (2h Hammer, 1h xBow, druid staff, tome, scepter) . Propagation attacks , for most weapons also require +propagation damage, otherwise the last bounces will do next to no damage (exponential damage drop per bounce)

damage type, damage , crit % , mobility for the low mobility non-melee heroes and a bit of tanking for insurance should make up for the rest of the level ups ..

melee also need a bit of extra healing received for the vampire perk (it multiplies the 4 HP and then rounds up) so at least 1 source of extra healing received is very important for the melee heroes..

Chance to dodge formula (Accuracy)
Accurate = AUTOHIT skills:

-Shorbow: Precise Shot single target
-Longbow : Snipe Shot single target
-Sledgehammer: Ground Smash up to 5 targets AOE
-MH Pistol & OH Pistol: Grapeshot up to 9 targets AOE
-Active ‘Hitman’ perk.

All the others allow the ROLL to DODGE damage (effects will be applied either way).

The chance to dodge =
Target’s Dodge * Attacker_SkillDodgeMultiplier * RageToTargetRingDodgeMultiplier –
Attacker’s Accuracy

Attacker_SkillDodgeMultiplier = 1 for all skills except

1.5 ( Axe:Shred ; Great Axe: Swing; Shortbow: Powershot; Crossbow: Heavy Bolt )
2 (Rifle:Hip Shot)

RageToTargetRingDodgeMultiplier : Applies to ranged attacks . Going further than the first ‘ring’ 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5 ..etc (+0.25 per ring progression)

Dodge is capped at 95%.

Sources of dodge gear, level ups and Longbow BUFF 40%.
Sources of Accuracy gear, level ups and perks Steady Aim 10%, Don’t Panic 10%.

– if the calculated chance to dodge < ZERO = AUTOHIT..
– negative accuracy will enable dodge roll even vs 0 Dodge Targets !!! (sell/unequip -accuracy gear in the early game) . Don’t dual wield -accuracy weapons before (if ever) you’ve got the accuracy to compensate.
– THERE ARE NO INACCURATE magic damage weapons. Magic weapon users WILL NEED THE LEAST ACCURACY INVESTMENT. (max monster dodge in night 12 = ?)
– some melee weapons come with -accuracy, few melee skills have SkillDodgeMultiplier = 1.5. Depending on weapon use combination melee weapon users will in some cases need more accuracy than the magic ones but not too much..
– Ranged weapon users will need the most accuracy when targeting near max distance (pistol , 1h xbow, longbow, shortbow, xbow, rifle) sorted in order of accuracy need. Hipshot can get good range but need ungodly amounts of accuracy to hit reliably at range. Maybe pay attention and don’t chance hip shots at long range without checking the calculated dodge chance in the targeting preview. +Range stat doesn’t synergise greatly with ranged weapons (increases need for accuracy) ..


Thurlow 182252553 uses Hip Shot :
!! WAS HIT !!  Dodge roll : 43 < 16 = ([14 TargetDodge] * [2 skill dodge mul ] * [2.25 range ring dodge multiplier] - [47 Accuracy] ) vs Clawer (218000062)\


Perks all heroes love
Avid learner, Cherry Picking, Confident(especially vampires!) , First Blood, Mana Collector (frees up mana fountain workers), Energized

Maybe add critical master, lone wolf if you can squeeze them in

Melee Hero Perks
These melee perks allow your melee heroes to thrive in the midst of enemy packs with minimum tanking gear/attribute investment.
Beware of bulkies (stun) and axe wielders(crazy damage).

While not specifically tied to melee heroes, because of the other perks / play style – this perk fits like a glove.

Martial Artist:
the fist attack does melee damage (driven up by the melee damage multiplier).
will trigger relentless +20 armor (stacking) per attack at 1 AP cost (relevant for 2H weapons that don’t have basic 1 AP melee attack, also for 1H sword that lacks 1AP attack that can kill without moving the hero)
can reach near 100% chance to crit vs full HP targets with first blood during endgame.
benefits from relentless armor piercing and block ignore

Due to vampire and relentless – melee heroes love to be in the middle of the monster pack with low move point count.

Healing Received multiplies the 4 HP and then Rounds Up.

between 1% and 24.99% E_Stat.HealingReceived you’ll gain 5 HP per vampire activation
between 25% and 49.99% E_Stat.HealingReceived you’ll gain 6 HP per vampire activation.
between 50% and 74.99% E_Stat.HealingReceived you’ll gain 7 HP per vampire activation.
between 75% and 99.99% E_Stat.HealingReceived you’ll gain 8 HP per vampire activation.

Allows to tank with minimal tanking gear. Re-enables ‘confident’ perk during night. (potential for hundreds of HP healed every night !). Now not only your armor refills every turn, your hitpoints do too !

Provides extra damage multiplier, stacking armor (+20 per melee hit !), armor piercing and block ignore. Tanking with low gear investment and extra DPS. (applies to the 2H hammer’s propagating hit). Use +range skills to move when possible to move when at low MP.. (you want to enable relentless ‘early’ in your turn, before spending most of your AP BUT still be able to move 🙂 )

While not specifically tied to melee heroes, because of the other perks / play style – this perk fits like a glove. (APs are capped at 10(sucks for adrenaline rush) , damage multiplier takes quite a few hits to get to cap even with endgame gear)

Magic Heroes Perks
Magic Fuel:
50% of current mana added to magic damage multiplier. Sadly Mana collector is now a tier V perk.
The magic damage multiplier is still capped at 100% (*2) so beware and shuffle gear as needed during endgame..

Makes magic heroes love mana fountain and mana potions more until they reach tier V perks.

Makes +max mana attribute slightly weaker alternative to straight +magic damage attribute.

Ranged Hero Perks
there are currently NO ranged hero only perks… on the flip side makes the ranged heroes more flexible perk wise allowing them go pick the likes of enegized, lone wolf, deadeye, critical master earlier ..Maybe even squeeze in Cheer!

Endgame goals
– TWO weapon sets of the SAME damage type
+50% or more displayed crit chance (before fist blood / martial artist/ critical master)
+75% or more damage type multiplier (one of them)
enough accuracy
+4 or more multhits for multihit weapon users
+4 or more propagation bounces for propagation weapon users
90%+ propagation damage multiplier for propagation weapon users
enough survivability
enough mobility
some healing received for the vampires

Thanks to peddroelm for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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