The Last Spell: Leveling up Guide

Level up Guide for game version beta. Leveling up process can be confusing for new players. Perks can be planned to an extent BUT some powerful one are SITUATIONAL and depend on rare RNG attributes and RNG gear from the production buildings. UNLESS DOING CHALLENGE RUNS, ONE DOESN’T KNOW / CANNOT REALLY PLAN HOW […]

The Last Spell: Damage Formulas (Damage Calculation Chains)

breakdown of damage calculation chains   Testing Methodology this game in its current state has Dev logging enabled to “<Drive>:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Ishtar Games\The Last Spell\Logs\” on my Windows machine. It doesn’t log much combat damage chain related info out of the gate (has the dodge rolls) but with a little dnSpy code re-compiling help extra calls to […]

The Last Spell: In-Depth Build and Weapon Guide

The Last Spell is a game that has 20 weapons and their efficient usage can be stressful to new players, especially when a dead guy is trying to eat you. This guide is meant to alleviate the pressure you feel by providing you with resources to select the best weapons for the right heroes under […]