Crude, handdrawn map of my progress so far in The Longing. Descriptions included. Please let me know if some locations / hints are missing, I will update once I progress further in the game.
*Spoiler alert*
Do not use if you want to play and explore the game by yourself!!


1. Map

1 Cliff / Cave… wait for moss to grow to jump down (Pickaxe visible). ~2 weeks
2 Wait for stalagtite to fall down. ~1 week
3 Library door, blocked from this side
4 Part of musical instrument
5 20x Moss, 20x Coal, 5x Dissappointment for answers
6 Use pickaxe
7 Cave with boulder, push to let water flow to your home
8 Drops filling hole to climb up. ~1 month
9 Two hours to open door
10 Pickaxe
11 Move bolder to climb ledge
12 Spider. “Visit friend” from above to push spider down
13 It takes ~1 day for the web to be ready to climb
14 Cave with big mushrooms
15 Stand above cracked column for a few minutes to fall down to get axe
16 Examine and wait for map to zoom out for achievment
17 5 pieces of coal in ~10 minutes
18 Grow mushrooms. Glowing as near as possible to the ledge, green as near as possible
to the left of the glowing one
19 Pickaxe

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