THE LONGING: More Information About the Game Files

I’ve explored the game files to find some answers. Don’t open it unless you want to ruin your game experience.   DISCLAIMER Ok, so. I have read all the game files and want to share things I have found. For many, it will spoil all the fun in the game. It will completely ruin your […]

THE LONGING: All Endings Guide

This guide describes every possible ending of The Longing with footage. It also includes progressive hints if you want to find them by yourself and explicit instructions if you are stuck. Everything is properly tagged to avoid unintentional spoilers.   Warnings Try to experience the game by yourself before reading the instructions or watching the […]

THE LONGING: Tips, Clues and Explanations Guide

Confused about how some mechanics work? Want some tips about the difficult parts without spoiling the solutions? This guide is an attempt to explain the usual points of confusion and give tips for the more difficult parts so you can enjoy the game without accidentally spoiling it while looking for answers.   INTRO The Longing […]


Crude, handdrawn map of my progress so far in The Longing. Descriptions included. Please let me know if some locations / hints are missing, I will update once I progress further in the game. *Spoiler alert* Do not use if you want to play and explore the game by yourself!!   1. Map 1 Cliff […]