The Mystery of Caketropolis: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to earn all the Achievements of The Mystery of Caketropolis.



The Mystery of Caketropolis is a fun little mystery adventure made almost entirely by Afiq Suradi on his own, detailing the events that happen in the city of Stalagshire over four days, that will decide the fate of the harmony of the city.

There’s a lot to explore and do in the game, and this guide will help you gain all the achievements in the game.

That said, I do implore you to try to beat the story playthroughs on your own firs before looking to the guide. There will be story spoilers in the later parts of this guide, so consider yourselves warned!

Story Related Achievements

Ol’ Smokey
Story related and cannot be missed.

Meet with Ol’ Smokey on Day One.

Burning Bridges
Story related and cannot be missed.

Witness the destruction of Caketropolis on Day Two.

The Jungle Dragon
Story related and cannot be missed.

Meet with Verdori on Day Two.

Another Tragedy
Story related and cannot be missed.

Discover the second murder on Day Three.

Maze Runner
Story related and cannot be missed.

Complete and escape the factory maze on Day Three.

Break In With No Breaking
Story related and cannot be missed.

Break in the main suspect’s home on Day Four.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Complete the main story on your first playthrough.

Missable Achievements

These achievements can be got on any playthrough, but are all missable if you don’t trigger them correctly.

Questionable Magic
To get this, you need to find the five lost journal pages of Ethyriel and then return it to him on Day 4.

The pages can be found in these locations and the earliest you can get them, though you can pick up most of them on later days as well;

Page 1 – The main crossroads into Stalagshire, in the lower left on Day One.
Page 2 – In the northern part of the city, go west as soon as you can (Toward Avis and Ray’s house) then head south on Day One.
Page 3 – In the southern area near City Hall, in the top right on Day Two.
Page 4 – On Day Three, you’ll find it near the piano in the bazaar.
Page 5 – One Day Three, just to the south of where you go to enter the factory. This one is the most missable.

After you have all five pages, take them back to Ethyriel for your reward of his Mirror item and the achievement.

It’s the Thought that Counts
On Day One, head to the northern most part of the city (where you go to find Tarvern). If you knock on the door of the house next to the bridge in the northern most area, Faul will appear and talk to you. After you meet him, you can cheer him up one of two ways;

– Talk to the people about the area and compliment them to make them like Faul (Gains you DP).
– Knock on people’s doors repeatedly and run away until the people get mad (loses you DP).

After completing this, you can talk to Faul against to complete the quest.

A New Best Friend
On each day on Days One and Two, talk to the Artist Jern and answer their questions. One Day Three, they’ll give you a gift of a Rimplush and you’ll get this achievement.

As a tip, answer all the ‘best’ answers to get a Rimplush that heavily boosts your DP and all the ‘evil’ answers to get a Rimplush that greatly lowers your DP.

A True Shepard
Complete the Treasure Hunt side quest. To start it, on Day One, speak to the man behind the counter next to the DCF building. Once you accept this quest you can start the treasure hunt. You can complete this hunt fully only on Day Four, but can visit the places on any day.

Clue 1 – The lone scarecrow on the farms east of the guy making well puns. You can get here on Day One.
Clue 2 – Behind the clock tower of City Hall in the southern part of the city. You’ll need to interact with the back of the clock tower. You can access this place as early as the night of Day Two.
Clue 3 – The statue in the park is the final clue. You cannot access this area until Day Four. It is accessed from the southern part of the bazaar.

If you got to see Cerio on Day One to get a note to get past Enforcer Maggis, when Cerio leaves with the construction worker, you can go up to the cake and steal a slice. You will lose DP however.
You were warned…
When you go to meet Verdori on Day Two, lick Verdori twice. He’ll kill you the second time you do it and you’ll get this achievement.
A True Rebel
On Day Three when Avis tells you to read the chalkboard, instead of reading it, lick it.
It’s What You Wanted Right?
Offer Fleur the Pile of Dirt to fix her counter top on Day Three. The Pile of Dirt can be found in the corner, underneath the farm with the scarecrows.
You Monster
When entering or exiting Insigium’s lair, keep going back and forth through the doorbell zone until it runs out of battery.
That Outro Riff Though
On Day Three when escaping from the factory, don’t just rush out and let the entire song play as you stand near the exit. The achievement will pop a few seconds before the timer is up and then you can escape.
Licking is the Best Medicine
One Day Four, you’ll find Despondent Hayley near the central centre of Stalagshire. Even though she saying no amount of licking will help her, just keep licking her until the achievement pops.


Draconic Diplomacy


In order to do this, you need to get Insignium to host a speech and complete it. This will happen on Day 4 after you sneak into the mayor’s speech. After you are removed from the speech, go talk to Insignium before attempting to break into Cerio’s house. Complete the small quest chain and complete the speech to get this achievement.
All Puffed Up
On Day Three head south towards the city hall and explore the west side of the map. You’ll find a bouquet of flowers. Take them to Fleur and give them to her to start this quest chain. On Day Three, when you go to see Insignium and he completes his story to you, talk to him once more to continue the quest. In order to finish the chain, on Day Four, complete the speech storyline and when you go to leave, Fleur will approach Insignium to start a cutscene. After it is all finished, you’ll get this achievement.

Second Playthrough Achievements

Once you’ve completed the main story, now is time to get the real ending and solve the mystery for real… Be aware that from this point, Story spoilers are now in effect.

A New Mystery
On your second playthrough, unlock the safe using the code RAJAWYVERN on DAY ONE. This is pivotal to getting the best ending as you cannot access the required story areas without the Dragon Compass.
There are two keypads, and if you look at the mural at the back, it tells you with the arrows which pad to use for which letter. (L) means the letter on the left keypad and (R) is the Right.

R (R)A (R)J (L)A (L)W (R)Y (L)V (R)E (L)R (L)N (R)

In order to do this, you must get the best ending to the game.
To do so, you need to do the following during the adventure:

– See the above achievement for unlocking the Safe to get the Dragon Compass to start the run.

– On Day One, explore the shack next to Rimentus’ lair. You’ll find scents on the bags that they have been used recently if you use the Command ‘Smell’ on the sleeping bags.

– On Day Two, during the stealth section with the hunters in the jungle, you need to get to the top right of the map and you’ll find a hidden path in the north. Search it to find the footprints near the river and interact with them to get the next step.

– On Day Three, after you start the escape section from the factory, ignore leaving and run to the far right and into the secret area that now will have opened up. You will need to move a couple of the barrels in the puzzle, but there is enough time to do so. You’ll find another human scent here.

– On Day Four, when you break into Cerio’s house, you want to head into the basement to collect the evidence. The password is found behind the grandfather clock (CHIFFON) and the key combination is the code you’ll find in the office for ‘playing videogames’. It’s the same style as opening the safe on Day One.

C (L)H (L)I (R)F (R) F (L)O (R)N (L)

Collect the evidence and leave.

– Complete the game from here. This will allow you access to the true final boss and the best ending.

Dragon Points Achievements
In The Mystery of Caketropolis, there is a karma system known as Dragon Points (DP). While these points do not effect the endings, it will effect how people treat you.

For example, in the quest to get peanut butter, if you have high DP, you will be gifted the peanut butter from the milk bar, where if you have negative DP, you’ll have to steal it from the bazaar seller.

Do good deeds and say kind things to gain DP, where do bad things or say scary or mean things to lose them. You can also equip items to help boosting or lowering the DP. There’s FAR too many things for me to go into how to do these, so best for you to explore and discover how to them yourself.

There are two achievements related to DP and both of them are relating to collecting people for Insignium’s speech.

Avis Would Be Proud
This is tied to your Dragon Points. On Day 4, if you have at least 70 positive DP, when you are gathering people for Insignium’s speech, approach Baker Will in the bazaar and ask him to attend the speech. He will ONLY attend if you have the required positive DP.
Bad Dragon
Similar to the above achievement, this is based on negative DP. You will need negative 120 DP in order to talk Negative Nathan into attending the speech on Day Four. Negative Nathan can be found in the northern part of Stalagahire in the small western dead end near Ray and Avis’ house.

The Final Hidden Achievement

The final achievement in The Mystery of Caketropolis, is the ultimate puzzle on how to complete the game and have worked out all the side quests and also work out the puzzle of the final boss.

As this is serious story spoilers, I’ll be warning you now that spoilers follow below, but because of how complex all details how to get this achievement get, I cannot spoiler the details without it becoming an eye sore.

That’s Not What Happened in the Cutscene…

In order to get this achievement, you need to clear the final boss of Verdori while taking no damage. This will require you to complete all side quests and collect all the needed items to fight Verdori in preparation and also to understand how the fight of Verdori works to ensure you perform it right.

First, the items during the story;

Packet of Boiled Soup – Complete Faul’s storyline on Day One.
Bag of Marbles – In the cell in the DCP lockup on Day Two (details below).
Pile of Dirt – Found at the end of the small alley beneath the farm with the scarecrows.
Humidifier – Complete the storyline with Insignium and Fleur to reunite them.
Ilivia’s Brooch – Complete the treasure hunt sidequest.
Magic Mirror – Complete Ethyriel’s journal and return it to him.

For most of the items, you’ll get them by completing the quest that awarded you the achievements.
The Pile of Dirt is missable, but seems to be added to your inventory on Day Three’s start if you missed or used it.

The Bag of Marbles is tricky to get unless you know where to look as there’s no quest chain or achievement relating to it, so I’ll explain here;

When you are locked up in the DCP on Day Two, opt to try to escape rather than wait. You can escape by booping the pipe in your cell then using the pipe to open your cell door. The pipe has only so much health, and you need to escape with at least 30% it seems to open the third lock.

Here’s my suggestions to the options that got me the desired results;

1: Rest – Scrub – Gentle – Horizontal Bars – 86%
2: Rest – Randomly – Tap – Wobble – Push – 40%

Once you escape your cell, go to the cell at the far right and you’ll find inside it a Bag of Marbles.


Once you have all the items, it’s time to take on Verdori.
The fight seems random, but Verdori follows a set pattern and there is items and tactics to deal with him.

First, the items;

Packet of Boiled Soup – Forces Verdori to skip 1 Turn
Bag of Marbles – Forces Verdori to skip 1 Turn
Pile of Dirt – Forces Verdori to skip 1 Turn
Humidifier – Forces Verdori to skip 3 Turns
Ilivia’s Brooch – Makes you permanently immune to Verdori’s Swipe attack
Magic Mirror – Makes you invulnerable for 2 turns

Next, is to understand the tactics of fighting Verdori.

  • You always attack first.
  • Verdori will sometimes gnash his teeth or pace about the room. These are effectively free turns as he won’t do anything there.
  • When you attack Verdori on your third attack, you’ll stun him that turn and also again on your twelfth attack against him.
  • Defend reduces your damage, but effectively also skips your turn (you’ll need this).
  • Items take effect as soon as you use it.
  • To win, you simply need to survive 20 rounds of combat.

So, with that in mind, here is the order of Verdori’s moves and your tactics to take in order to get past the boss fight while taking no damage.

Verdori’s Move
Your Move
1: Swipe
Ilivia’s Brooch – Immunity to Swipe Attacks
2: Swipe
3: Paces About the Room
4: Bite
Attack (3x Attacks forces Verdori to stumble)
5: Gnashes Teeth
6: Swipe
7: Heavy Swipe
Packet of Boiled Soup – Skip one turn
8: Paces About the Room
9: Heavy Swipe
Magic Mirror – Immune for two rounds
10: Brutal Bite
11: Paces About the Room
12: Swipe
13: Bite
Pile of Dirt – Skip one turn
14: Swipe
15: Heavy Swipe
Bag of Marbles – Skip one turn
16: Gnashes Teeth
17: Heavy Swipe
Humidifer – Skip three turns
18: Heavy Swipe
19: Brutal Bite
20: Brutal Bite
Attack (12x Attacks forces Verdori to stumble)

With this, you should get through the battle with no damage, but the cutscene still shows you beaten to a pulp. Hence the achievement’s brilliant name!

Thanks to Okuraorca for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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