The Perfect Tower II: Simple Module Farming Script

A simple script for farming random drop modules in tower testing.   Simple Module Farming Script This is the import string for the script: Dm1vZHVsZSBmYXJtaW5nAQAAAA1nYW1lLm5ld3JvdW5kAAAAAAIAAAAMZ2VuZXJpYy53YWl0CGNvbnN0YW50AwAAAAAAAC5ADXRvd2VyLnJlc3RhcnQ= This is what it does: Starts the script when a new round starts Waits for 15 seconds (adjust this part to your needs, shoot for wave 20) Restarts the round […]

The Perfect Tower II: Mining AIs (Working 2021)

Here are two mining AIs with low script actions requirements(6).   Mining all layers The AI 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 case : the total number of grid position. With a math trick, it encodes the x and y position of each grid using the modulo of case by 4 for the x and the floor of the division […]

The Perfect Tower II: All Challenges

Here are all challenges for The Perfect Tower game. if I miss anyone. please let me know.   Gerneral FAQ Do Powerstones work on Challenges etc? Yes Does Fire Taste f.e. Stack with fire dmg increase? Tested it and the 2 Combinations i tried do not stack Taste with element increase Map 1 Challenge 1 […]