The Planet Crafter: How to Find ORE

This guide will help you find ores in the game and locations.   Iridium Ore Iridium is one of the components of Explosive Powder, a mid-to-late game Crafting resource. More importantly, it is also used to make Iridium Rods, an important item for building higher-tier Heating machines for Terra-forming. Iridium is also needed for Ore […]

The Planet Crafter: The World Map (March 2022 EA Steam Version)

A full map of Planet Crafter showing the locations of Crashed Remnant Ships, alongside the locations Blue and Gold Loot Crates.   World Map *Spoiler Free* The map with spoilers can be found after the Regional Information. Regional Information *WARNING: Unmarked Spoilers* Lakebed Starting Area :::Description::: This is the starting area where your Escape Pod […]