The Procession to Calvary: Achievements Guide

The achievement guide to The Procession to Calvary, Missable achievements (except those that depend on the ending) are marked with [M], others are story-related
The ones marked with [?] are unknown to me, please let me know so I can edit the guide!


The End #1
Kill everyone who stands in your way

  • The man with oars
  • The town gatekeepers
  • The boatman
  • The Bishops in Church
  • Try killing Peter
First Blood
Spill the first blood *this triggers ending 1*
Pretty sure killing any character will do, but the first possible one is cripple with oars, just equip your sword and use it’s option on him

The End #2

Play the game without killing anyone (use walkthrough if needed), when you get to Peter, talk to him and choose option about the riches

The End #3

Play the game without killing anyone (use walkthrough if needed), then proceed with killing Peter and bring his head to John

[M] Spank the Bishop

In the begining of the game, use “Hand” one of the bishops before the Immortal John

[M] Whoopsie!

In the begining of the game, go to the very right of the screen and jump of the cliff

Abuse Democracy
Make the crippled man give you the oars by the people’s vote
Use scissors on man with long hair and “Hand” on sad man

Help the woman in the carriage… in vain
Use the man on the wheel on the cart and give donkey an apple

[M] Who’s a good boy!?
How can you not pet such a good boy!?
When you enter Peter’s Basilica, use “Hand” on the lion on the floor

Magician’s Assistant #1
Obtained after you run the first errand for the “Jesus”
Getting him the berries

Magician’s Assistant #2
Obtained after you run the second errand for the “Jesus”
Getting him off the cross

Magician’s Assistant #3
Obtained after you run the third errand for “Jesus”
Getting him out of the cave

Holy Book
He could shoot an apple from the guy’s head, but can he shoot a book?…
Put the book (see “King for a Day”) on the head of the guy who previously had an apple, then ask the guy with the bow to shoot it

King for a Day
Obtained after you return a book to the library
Give the man in the grave the lamb form the altar in the cave

Make a Friend
Obtained after you get the skunk to follow you
Feed him bugs from barrel in the cave

Treasure Hunter
Obtained after you find the tresure from the map
In the room with paintings, look at the one above the table which has the same image as the map and click at the place marked with ‘X’. Then use the skunk to fart in the room with people pillaging the inheritance, go outside and look through the window to pick up the key

Appease the Devil
Obtained after you successfully perform the sacrifice in the cave
Put the severed head in the barrel twice and then put it on the altar, then let the master know you made a sacrifice

Obtained after you successfully swapped something with the insecure girl
Give her the pearl you get after the sacrifice

Win the Talent Show
Basically what the name says
Get the song from the songwriter and dress from dressmakers, then go to the talent show and sing the correct words (you can look at the song before entering the contest)

[?] Serial Killer
The achievement is obtained after you killed all killable characters (except Peter) in the game.

You should try using your sword on everyone you meet in the game. But you don’t need to use it on animals, especially not on a cute lion.

Sometimes, you have to try using your sword several times on a person before being able to kill it.

[?] Brawler
To get Brawler, you have to punch a certain number of people. (probably 7 people based on the achievement’s quote).
Note: This guide is still work on progress. we will update later.

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