The Raintime Game Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough for The Raintime game, feel free to leave a comment if you have any problems.


Though interactive, The Raintime is mostly linear in its story line.

The game contains four decision points. Players experience all game content, irregardless of their choices at these points. Only point 3 is an exception to this rule, as it can lead to a bad ending.

Decision 1 – sea or corn
Choose between cyanotype sea or waving field of corn. Your choice determines what part of Bremersberg you visit first (after going to the supermarket in Ryebury). Choosing sea will take you to the central square first, corn will take you to the library.

Decision 2 – language select
While studying, William will read out a few excerpts from a German book. This decision lets you choose between reading them in English or in German.

Decision 3 – giving up
Now that first blood has been drawn, the game gives you the option to give up (and potentially prevent more bloodshed). By choosing give up you will start the ending credits (after one last prompt). By choosing go on you will continue onwards.

CHEAT: after the ending credits, a chapter select menu is shown. This means that you can use this decision point to skip ahead in game. (eg: if you have played the early access version of The Raintime you may want to skip Part 3 altogether)

Decision 4 – dream
You are given the choice between city and wasteland. You choice determines the dream you have next.

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