The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode 3 Full Walkthrough

Here is a full walkthrough for The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera Episode game.


We start off with a dialogue puzzle. Speak to the alien until you tell him your bomb is armed. When he steps away, kick the device until it falls to the floor.

The alien leaves the room. Kick the cattle prod and slap the bottle of oil. It does not go well.
As Johnny, talk to everyone until you stop at a saloon. Head inside and speak to the soldier until you learn about the matapadres drinking contest. Next, speak to Raven multiple times until she finally agrees to challenge the soldier. Quickly grab her empty GLASS. Before the soldier is able to drink his shot, also quickly hit the fan and grab his DRINK as he runs to get his cap.

After this sequence the bartender throws his EYEDROPPER in the spittoon, so grab it.
Go to the outhouse, turn on the tap, and fill the glass with WATER; leave the tap running. Leave this screen and return, and a frog will be in the puddle. Grab some POISON from the frog with the eyedropper and spike the drink.

Head back inside and wake Raven up with the water. Repeat the contest and the fan move, but this time swap the soldier’s drink for the poisoned one. Take his KEY and KEYCARD LEVEL 1.

Head outside and into the car. Open the glove compartment; it gets jammed. Use the KEYCARD on it to pop it open. Take NOTEBOOK, PAIN PILLS, and BADGE.

Head back to the outhouse and open it with the KEY. Notice the TP is facing the wrong way around; take it and flip it around the right way. Examine the code panel. Head outside and speak to the dude with the tinfoil hat for a MAP and PASSWORD.

Go back to the outhouse and enter the code, 2357 (the last obscured digit needs to be found through trial and error). Sit on the can, and flush to go downstairs.

Downstairs, speak to the soldier and tell him you need to go. Go back upstairs. Speak to McLaren in the bar for some help. He enters a Mexican standoff with the guard.

Smack the guard with the baseball bat. He and McLaren are both injured. Give the MATAPADRES to the guard and the PAIN PILLS to McLaren. Grab the GUN from the floor, McLaren takes it. Head inside.

Sector 1

Head to the section in the southeast, with a picture of a monkey. Your Level 1 access card will let you inside. Enter the first of the two rooms.

Here, you can grab a DOG TOY and a BALL. Press the BUTTON on the wall, whack the stuck tube with the bat, and then take the FOOD.

Enter the second of the two rooms. Search the coat for a KNIFE. Feel free to look around here, but there is not much we can do for now.

Go all the way back upstairs and get some more WATER from the tap. Use the knife on the CACTUS FLOWER to get that as well. Add the water and the flower to your dried food to make it more appetizing. Fill up your WATER glass one more time; we will need it later.

Back downstairs, slide the food under the gap in the door to the room with the violent pounding. Enter the code; guess 1234.

Give Julius the BALL, and take MONKEY DOLL. Speak to him until you are able to yell. Yell at him, and he drops the ball; he will chase it outside. Yell at him a second time and he drops the ball again. QUICKLY kick the ball into the cage. Julius rips the door open. You are given a LEVEL 2 ACCESS CARD. Also, pick up the CROWBAR.

Enter the other monkey room and use the crowbar on the locker. Get CLEANER, BRUSH, DUSTER, and TRANQ DARTS.

Sector 2

Enter Sector 2 in the southwest, with the picture of a brain. Enter the room on the left, and speak to both computers. Enter the room on the right and give the MONKEY DOLL to the monkey here. Try to use the TRANQ DARTS on the monkey as well.

Go back to McLaren and ask for the gun a few times. He asks you an ethical question about guns.
For the answer, you will need to speak the computer Laura, the bartender, and the tinfoil hat dude. The third person you speak to gives you the correct answer, which is never. Return to McLaren and give him the answer, get GUN. Load the gun with the tranq darts. Shoot the monkey in the right brain room.

Use the computer and select one of the two computers to be erased. It does not matter which one you pick. Return to the computer towers, the one left standing will open sector 3 for you.

Sector 3

Visit sector three, in the northwest part of the map. It has two rooms to the north and south, enter the room in the south. Hit the button on the wall in the back to raise the robot. Toss the DOG TOY (use toy on dog). Quickly hit the button again to flatten the robot dog. Open the hatch and take the dog’s BATTERY.

Enter the room to the north and give the battery to the scientist. Speak to the scientist and try every dialogue option.

Leave the room and ask the computers, the lunatic, and the bartender about the flux capacitor. Take SCIENCE DISC from bartender.

Go back to the computer room and speak to them, eventually a disk slot will open. Insert the disc and learn the solution. Return to the scientist ask him for a knowledge disc; he gives you a HISTORY DISC. Give him the info from the computer for a POWER GLOVE. Use the glove to enter Sector 4.

Sector 4

Go downstairs and examine the UFO. Copy the SYMBOLS with the pad and paper.

Enter the upstairs office twice; we don’t get anywhere.

Return to the entrance where McLaren is and use the phone. ID yourself as a cleaning crew member. They ask for a name. Use a fake name and hang up.

Back to the general, ask him what the head janitor’s name is.

Return to the phone and call in again, use the janitor’s name and get yourself hired to the cleaning staff.

Return to the general and use the WATER, SOAP, and BRUSH on the stain. Try to press the big red button. Enter the office, and cut the TIE with the knife. Take the PAPER from the machine.

Back to McLaren, give him the tie to stop the bleeding (and the pain meds, if you haven’t yet). Ask him for help. In the general’s office, he keeps talking but will not pull out his gun. Speak to him again and exhaust dialogue.

Return to the computer room and insert the HISTORY DISC. Learn about Malcolm X. Also, show your SYMBOLS to the computer to learn a phrase.

Return to McLaren and tell him about Malcolm X. Hit the big red button.

Downstairs, use the PHRASE on the hatch to open it. Sit in the chair and speak to the navigation system until you can tell it to go to the Dark Side of the Moon.

Congrats on completing Episode 3! See you in Ep. 4!

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