The Slormancer: Bloodshed Mighty Knight

[Version0.1.9735] This build focuses on the bleed damage of the Throwing Sword.
Very fast clearing speed.



This build focuses on the Bleed of the [Throwing Sword].
The skill upgrade [Bloodshed] allows you to spread Bleed to all enemies on the floor with a one-shot.◇Pros◇
・Good clearing speed.
・Greater DOT damage.
・No need to aim.

・Need to select stats carefully.
・Requires Legendary to complete.

GamePlay Video


I recommend [The Most Powerful Primordial Sword].

This build will work on almost anything with high reaper damage.
・Big Fury Sword
・Sword of the Nimble Warrior
・Sword of the Sleepy Butterfly
・Sword of the Magnificent Leviathan
But there’s no reason not to use The Most Powerful Primordial Sword.


◇Primary Skill◇
Throwing Sword

*[Pierce Chance] and [Area Increased Size] stats are important.



Armor stats are important.
Pierce Chance and Rebound Chance are recommended.(Epic Stats)


Toughness 15
Savagery 40
Fury 15
3 remainingIf your attack speed and projectile speed are not sufficient, you have the option to change Savagery to Dexterity.

Ancestral Legacy

It doesn’t affect this build much.

Gear Stats

◇Key stats◇

  • Pierce Chance <Over 100%>
  • Rebound Chance <100%>
  • Area Increased Size <Affects [Bloodshed]>
  • life Leech <Glove Legendary [Lestat’s Mythical Mittens]>
  • Mana Leech

◇Offensive stats◇

  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Damage Over Time
  • Damage to Elites
  • Movement Speed <Important>

◇Defensive stats◇

  • Max Life
  • Armor
  • Damage Reduction <You may not need that much>

◇Optional stats◇

  • Fork Chance <Shoulder’s Secondary Stats>
  • Additional Projectile <For your situation>
  • Armor Penetration <Can be attached to Armor’s secondary stats.
    If you have no other choice>


◇Key Legendary◇
[Ethereal Cloning Pads]
Spread Bleed over the entire floor by increasing the number of projectiles.[Soul Eating Mantle]
This is powerful because the effect is applied to Bleed damage.
Especially against elites.
With enhancements, this is all you need to get around Wrath10.

Useful Legendaries

Helm:Vitalizing Vital Helm of Vitality More Life. Improved survivabilityArmor:Brightsteel Warden More Armor and Elemental Res

Belt:Inextricable Waistguard Powerful debuffs. Improved survivability

Gloves:Lestat’s Mythical Mittens Instead of gear stats.

Optional Legendaries

Bracers:Damasius Awareness For a reliable critical strike.

Ring:Ancestral Champions’ Present an extra

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