The Slormancer: Thorns Mighty Knight

[Version0.1.9735] This build focuses on outputting Thorn with skill damage.



First of all, I’d like to thank my predecessors for making a great build.

Please note that my English is not good, so it may be difficult to understand.

This build is focused on reaper [Superior Gold-Plated Primordial Sword]
The effect of this Reaper is to increase the damage of thorns, which can strengthen both offense and defense.
The flat damage added by Primordial benediction is enhanced by the skill’s increased effect.

>Overwhelming amount of Max Life.
>Stability of high damage. (Min-Max difference is small)
>Fairly good farm speed.

>High dependence on stats.
>Farm speed is not the fastest.
>It’s hard to grow a Reaper.
>Without [Gold Armor],always be debuffed.

◇Gameplay Video◇



’’Superior Gold-Plated Primordial Sword’’

Gold-Plated Sword (Lv.60)
┗ Plated Primordial Sword (Lv.100)
┗ Gold-Plated Primordial Sword (Lv.60)
┗ Superior Gold-Plated Primordial Sword


There are two primary skill options for this build.


1. [Whirlwind]
Increase movement speed with gear stats.
Enhance flat damage with the Vengeful Hurricane effect.

Mastery5:Skewing-Gum or Static Vortex

*Whirling strike is not usually used, but you can see some funny damage.

2. [Wood Stick]
If the movement speed is low.
woodstick is best.

*Biceps Gain: Increasing the level of Mighty Swing will allow you to deal more damage.


[Grappling Hook]
It may need no explanation.
It’s a must for Knight’s melee build.

Mastery1:Long Chain (pull in more enemies
2:Captain Hook
3:Gather Intel (More defensive
4:Mighty Vitality (More Max Life




M2.Enduring Pain (More Life)

M3.Kiss from a Rose (More Damage, More Life)

M4.Thorn Shield

M5.Vengeance is Best served Cold
(More Damage, More Life)

M6.Vibranium Shield

M7.Honorary Sigil of Boldness (More Damage)

M8.Elder Armor (Armor stats are important.)


Toughness 15
Fury 55
Bravery 3

Because I am using Indomitable Mountain
I have selected Fury

If you are planning to use [Brightsteel Warden], increase the toughness further or choose Bravery.

The rest should be chosen according to your equipment.
*If you need more movement speed, I recommend Bravery.

Ancestral Legacy

Movement speed and attack speed are important.
…I have no other choice;-)


Important Stats

  • Retaliation (a lot of them.)
  • Thorns Damage{flat}(a lot of them.)
  • Movement Speed (a lot of them.)
  • Life Leech (Epic Stats or LegendaryGloves [Lestat’s Mythical Mittens])
  • Mana Leech (Epic)

Offensive Stats

  • Critical Strike Chance (Target is 100%.)
  • Critical Strike Damage (proper quantity)
  • Damage to Elites (proper quantity)

Defensive Stats

  • Evasion or Armor (Change it according to the Legendary Armor you equip.)
  • Elite Damage Reduction (As needed. I’m taking one for Epic Stats.)
  • Area Damage Reduction (As needed. I’m taking one for Epic Stats.)

Other Stats

  • Area Increased Size (I recommend Helm’s Secondary Stats.)
  • Area Increased Effect (For the Legendary belt [Inextricable Waistguard])

Reaper Stats

  • Beigarth

Mastery Stats

  • Whirlwind(It has little effect on damage.)
  • Mighty Swing(For Wood Stick)

Attributes Stats

  • Toughness
  • Fury


Important Legendaries

  • Shoulders:[Biting Fortress] For the whirlwind
    Thorns Damage Multiplier(More Damage,More life)
  • Shoulders:[Ethereal Cloning Pads] For the Wood Stick
    Additional Projectile(Increases the farm speed)

High Priority Legendaries

  • Armor:[Indomitable Mountain] Evasion Multiplier and Convert to armor.
  • Armor:[Brightsteel Warden] Armor Multi, If you don’t select Fury as attributes.
  • Helm:[Vitalizing Vital Helm of Vitality] Max Life Multiplier
  • Cape:[Soul Eating Mantle] For the whirlwind This is OP.
  • Belt:[Inextricable Waistguard] Strong defense. If you have enough Thorns, it won’t matter as much, but it’s good to have the enemy attack faster.
  • Gloves:[Lestat’s Mythical Mittens] Life Leech, Instead of gear stats.


  • Bracers:[Shackles of the Forest] With enough thorns, this is enough to kill the enemy. You’re just standing there after pulling it in.
  • Ring:[Ancestral Champions’ Present] Extra option
  • Boots:[Bulwark’s Resolve] Initial stability
    or [Art of Retribution] If you can accumulate stacks on the move….

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