The Slormancer: Wrath 10 Viable Melee Build (Poison Inner Fire Mistwalker)

[Version 0.1.97]
A simple guide for Mistwalker huntress utilizing 8 poison inner fires.



Want to become a solar system?
Here you go.

  • Looks cool
  • Relatively tanky
  • Can potentially become very overpowered with the right legendaries
  • High damage potential
  • Good AoE for a melee build


  • Reliant on legendaries for maximum performance
  • Weak to ranged enemies, especially mages
  • Inner Fire doesn’t leech life, have to never stop stabbing
  • No innate movement speed buff or passive, need MS gear to not feel slow

Wrath 10 build gameplay with mostly rares and a couple of legendaries:


Big Fury Primordial Bow
Big raw damage scaling.
Inner fire scales exclusively with raw damage and poison scales from skill damage, this is most likely the best reaper for this build.

Main Skills

Main Skill

Mastery 1 – Backstab
Mastery 2 – Master of Poison
Mastery 3 – Punishing Fence
Mastery 4 – Multiply and Conquer
Mastery 5 – Repeated Recasts

Used for big single target damage and proccing inner fires.

Secondary Skill
Rain of Arrows

Mastery 1 – Business Class
Mastery 2 – Hunting Net
Mastery 3 – Barrage Shot
Mastery 4 – Pinned Down
Mastery 5 – Deluge Intensifies

Basically just a line aoe that sucks all the mobs to the end for you to melee.



Mastery 1 – Smog Hunter
Mastery 2 – Hunter Within
Mastery 3 – Fairy Dust
Mastery 4 – Precision of the Mist
Mastery 5 – Stronger by the Number
Mastery 6 – Champion’s Resilience
Mastery 7 – Toxic Fire
Mastery 8 – Boosted Toxins

This is how we make our build do damage, inner fires last longer, proc poison on hit, and consume poison to do 40% of the damage instantly and reapply poison, using smoke screen gives us 160% increased damage on our next stab, and we get a free 50% crit damage and 40% aura effect.


70 Determination
This gives us +3 maximum inner fires for a total of 8 on top of a variety of useful defensive stats and elite damage.
Also 3 left over points that don’t do much of anything, I put them in bravery.

Other attribute builds untested, feel free to experiment.

Ancestral Legacy

Burning Shadow
Huge raw / critical damage buff to help with tanky enemies.

Air Conditioner
An aura that applies -63% attack speed multiplier to enemies with our free 40% aura effectiveness.

Gear Stat Priority

Check the video for examples of gear you should aim to get

Required Stats
Mana & Life Leech, one roll of each, aim to get these on epic stats to free up important magic/rare stats.
Inner Fire Chance (obviously) around 50% should be enough.
Melee Recast Chance, stab will gain 1% crit rate per melee recast chance and has a chance to recast again based off 50% of your recast chance, try to at least reach 100% crit on stab taking into account your base crit rate.
You will probably want some movement speed too since we don’t have any otherwise.

Offensive Stats
Critical Rate
Attack Speed
Critical Damage
Raw Damage (FLAT)
Damage to Elites

Defensive Stats
Maximum Life, % and flat, aim for 10k+ life
Elite Damage Reduction
Increased Aura Effect if you have Inextricable Waistguard

Reaper Stats
+5 Astorias

Mastery Stats
+2 Stab on everything
You can use mastery levels to fill in smoke screen/arrow rain until they’re high enough without.

Attribute Stats
+3 Determination


There are some truly insane legendaries for this build, if you have these it’s highly recommended to use them.

Inextricable Waistguard (belt)

This thing makes you a tank to any enemy in melee range, we have 40% increased aura effect from our specialization which makes it extra powerful.

Shaera’s Claw (gloves)

Speaks for itself.

Gazloka’s Conquest (ring)

More inner fires, possibly allowing us to spec out of determination or go all in and have 13 inner fires.

How 2 Play

Stab stuff
Group enemies with rain of arrows
Use burning shadow and smoke screen to buff your stab and destroy elites
Use smoke screen to become invincible for a few seconds if needed

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