The Slormancer: Thorns Mighty Knight

[Version0.1.9735] This build focuses on outputting Thorn with skill damage.   Overview First of all, I’d like to thank my predecessors for making a great build. Please note that my English is not good, so it may be difficult to understand. This build is focused on reaper [Superior Gold-Plated Primordial Sword] The effect of this Reaper […]

The Slormancer: Bloodshed Mighty Knight

[Version0.1.9735] This build focuses on the bleed damage of the Throwing Sword. Very fast clearing speed.   Overview This build focuses on the Bleed of the [Throwing Sword]. The skill upgrade [Bloodshed] allows you to spread Bleed to all enemies on the floor with a one-shot.◇Pros◇ ・Good clearing speed. ・Greater DOT damage. ・No need to aim. ◇Cons◇ ・Need […]

The Slormancer: Wrath 10 Viable Melee Build (Poison Inner Fire Mistwalker)

[Version 0.1.97] A simple guide for Mistwalker huntress utilizing 8 poison inner fires.   Overview Want to become a solar system? Here you go. Pros Looks cool Relatively tanky Can potentially become very overpowered with the right legendaries High damage potential Good AoE for a melee build Cons Reliant on legendaries for maximum performance Weak […]

The Slormancer: Mage Class Build Guide

This is a build for the Mage class. This is a Mana-Stacker build that scales based off the number of enemies you fight.   Introduction We are playing the Mage class. We use the Devoted Scholar specialization. Main Skills: Arcane Missile and Arcane Breach Path of Exile reference: Plays like Orb of Storms and no chain Arc Archmage. Pros: Good AOE, Arcane […]

The Slormancer: All Available Slorm Reaper Lists

Good day guys! This is complete list of current available Slorm Reapers (Weapons) for all 3 classes. 10/04/2021   Introduction Hello and Welcome to my Compedium of all Weapons Which one you can find for current version of the game Last Update: 11.04.2021 Weapon progression: As you can see, some of the weapons have powerfull version, to […]