The Solitaire Conspiracy: Crew Tier Rankings

Just for a bit of a lark, I figured I’d give my tier rankings for the various crews. 🙂 Take this with multiple grains of salt, of course, and your mileage may vary. Also, should be obvious — this includes spoilers to the degree that it includes every unlockable crew.


Alpha Division — Alpha Division’s power purposefully comes near the end of the campaign — because it is clearly the most powerful. With it, you can take any single stack and organize it into perfect order. This can also combo in unexpected ways — for instance, Scorpio to steal the next card you need of a stack, then Alpha to pull it to the top.

Drive Team Six — The first ability that is truly impactful. Grab an Ace to enable other abilities, or just dig out a card buried deep in another stack.

Omega Coda — This requires a little more thought than Alpha and DT6, but can be similarly impactful. Use this to pull 2 or 3 cards free — if you start with this ace, then freeing another ace can unlock all your powers at once.

Scorpio — A little more difficult version of DT6 or Omega Coda, but still not to be underestimated. If you can create a stack of a single card, you can pull the next card of that suit there — then just move that card, and unleash the newly stolen card.

Mantis — Mantis’s ability lets you cause a little chaos — but done on a small stack, the chaos is minimal, and the effect proves useful. On larger stacks, save this for ones with lots of valid targets, where the scattered cards can immediately go to their appropriate targets.

Incognito — This is similar to Mantis, but instead of throwing the cards all over the place, they get shuffled in place. It can be useful, harmful, or anywhere in between. Only consider this for small stacks, or stacks where most of the cards are badly sorted, where it would be hard to actually harm your position further.

Blood Legacy — This basically is the reverse of what I said for Alpha Division. Their ability places things in the exact opposite order of what you want, typically. You want to use this in a couple of cases — first, to unearth more useful crew leaders, and second, when you have an empty spot, where you can reverse a small stack and dig it out. Just realize that this will often cost you moves / time, as you have to reverse the operation before it can be directly useful.

Humanity+ — And finally, Humanity. Humanity’s power can help you activate a crew’s power again, but at the cost of more turns — often more than it ends up gaining you from the power you earn. If you have just an ace of a suit in its target, feel free to use Humanity to revive it after using it a couple of times (especially for DT6 or Alpha), but most of the time, you’ll need to play around with avoiding activating this power. Even if you re-enable a suit, you may still need to dig out its leaders, or un-sort it using Blood Legacy, in order to use them again — costing yet more turns.

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