The Stanley Parable: How to Get to the Cargo Room Floor

Ever wanted to get to the floor of the cargo room without dying? Here’s a trick you can use.


How to do it
Step 1

When you reach the Two Doors room, go through the right door.

Step 2

Go past the door on the left to get to the cargo room.

Step 3

Wait for the cargo lift to carry you to the phone room, then unplug the phone and wait for the cutscene to end.

Step 4

This is the hard part, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time. Make sure to save (press F6) before attempting this so that you can easily load the save (by pressing F7) if you fail.

Walk onto the cargo lift, then walk off as soon as it starts closing. *IT IS DEFINITELY POSSIBLE.* If you did this correctly, you should be standing on the platform with the cargo lift moving away from you.

Step 5

Do whatever you want down there! You can’t get into any of the vehicles though

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