The Survivalists: How to Teach a Monkey to Carry Items to Workbench

The monkeys you rescue in The Survivialists are extremely helpful in gathering resources for you, making it easier to craft items in the game. here is a simple guide on how to teach a monkey to carry items to workbench.


How to Teach a Monkey to Carry Items to Workbench?

Put a monkey in learn mode, pick things up from the floor or from a chest and let the monkey see you, put them on the workbench, oven, etc, now the monkey knows how to put things on the tables.
Put another monkey in learn mode, take a tool from the ground or from a chest that the monkey sees you, give it to a monkey that needs a tool, now the monkey already knows how to give tools to his buyers.
The monkeys that carry objects to tables are not the same ones that carry objects to building structures, walls, floors, etc.

Teach them what you want, even to remove stumps.

Credit to Rous


What jobs can a Monkey do?

Gathering, Harvesting, Delivery, Combat, Building and Crafting


How to Order a Monkey to do a Task?

Keyboard > hold Q (I believe)
Xbox Controller > hold LT

Have them mimic you, show them how to do the task and then give them the tool to do the job, prefer them to have the tool at the start so they get on with the task without you guessing they are mimicing you.

If banana icon above their heads? they are ready to mimic you

Check top left of the screen for the commands, the monkey icon is for that

Credit to Vox

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