The Wonderful 101: Remastered – Advanced Tactics and Stratiges for Combating

This guide will explain the many intricate details and mechanics behind The Wonderful 101. Plus, advanced techniques will be shown here as well.

The Wonderful 101 is one of Platinum’s most intricate games, it will serve you well to read this guide in order for you to achieve better scores in the future.


The Most Important Information

I know that some would like to get some of the important stuff out of the way… So here goes.

1. This game is hard. Probably about as hard as Bayonetta 1. If you’re having trouble, it’s alright to switch to the easier modes.

2. Every character you obtain has a VERY unique function. Not only in terms of combat, but also in terms of unique interactions that will also help out in battle.

3. Some techniques and items are amazing… others aren’t.

4. Drawing with the right stick seems akward at first, but it’s actually the fastest method of switching between morphs. I say this because it is faster than drawing on the Wii U tablet.

Anyways, let’s dive into some actual techniques and mechanics.

Advanced Mechanics

The Wonderful 101 seems like a very simple game at first, but it’s wealth of mechanics makes combat feel as kinetic and exciting as something like Bayonetta. Here are a few of the mechanics that you will need to know in order to go places.

1. Wonderful 101 & Unit Size:
The Wonderful 100 is a unit made of 100 members. This also rings true in gameplay, as you can’t hold onto more than 100 members. Initially, you start with a small amount of Wonderful One’s. Wonderful One’s are permanent members of your group, meaning that you will start out each level with a larger unit size if you go rescue them.

Although some may get discouraged by having a larger team (due to large hitboxes), it’s actually INCREDIBLY benefical to have a team of 100.

You see, many new players will think that damage to non-leader Wonderful Ones count against you. It actually doesn’t. Enemies can attack Wonderful Ones near the end of a group without directly damaging you.

However, that’s not an invitation to drop your gaurd whenever they’re scattered. Damaged Wonderful Ones can get downed, which is not good.

When downed, a Wonderful One is inactive and won’t respond unless they are gathered or after a few seconds have passed. It is important to gather them, but if you’re trying to dodge a boss’ attack pattern, you don’t have to worry about gathering Wonderful Ones.

“But why even gather Wonderful Ones?” You may ask…

Well, Wonderful Ones contribute to the size of your Unite Morphs. Yes, I’m not kidding. And this is an important mechanic.

Unlike most character action games where different weapons have different attack speeds and damage outputs, Wonderful 101 lets you “customize” the rate of attack and damage output on the fly.

How? Well, it’s all tied to how many Wonderful Ones you use when making the Unite Morph. With a small amount of members, a Unite Morph can be incredibly fast but do not that much damage. But with fast attack speeds, you can dodge out of attacks easier.

I call these smaller Morphs, “Tiny Morphs”. Some characters have unique attributes for their Tiny Morphs compared to their larger Morphs. The most notable example is Wonder Green, who’s Unite Morph gets an entire aesthetical change at different sizes.

For larger Morphs, The damage output is magnified to great lengths. However, attack speed and unholstered Unite Morph Movement (AKA when you move with the Unite Morph active but are not attacking) is put to a crawl.

These Large Morphs, “Giant Morphs”, are very powerful. A Giant Morph can rip through the healthbar of any big baddie. However, not all Giant Morphs are made equal. Unite Hand’s Giant Morph excells in bringing in BIG DAMAGE with a fast attack speed (for a giant morph), while Unite Sword’s Giant Morph gains INSANE RANGE. Usually, you would want to use Sword’s Giant Morph to clean up little Dough-Goo’s when focusing on a big baddie. Then once all the Dough-Goo’s are gone, go to Unite Hand’s Giant Morph to finish the job.

Knowing which size of which morph to use in a situation is the key to performing good in combat. Tiny Morphs are good for more defensive tactics, as you can land hits easily and still dodge in time. While Giant Morphs are good to rack up damage or clear out large amounts of enemies.

2. Ranking
When playing through the game, many Wonderful One’s and the team itself will grow in rank. By growing in rank, these Ones can gain unique moves. Wonder Blue will gain a Stinger and a Rising air attack as he ranks up.

Your overall rank can also net you some good advantages as well. For example, you gain extra health with each rank you achieve.

These ranks act somewhat like levels in an RPG. Play more of a character to boost their ranks and get rewards.

Even Non-Colored Wonderful Ones can get better ranks.

3. Unite Morphs’ Unique Attributes and the Hidden Powers of certain Wonderful Ones
Each Unite Morph has a unique attribute associated to them. Some will be taught directly while others are somewhat hinted at.

Unite Hand: Gains Fire immunity and gains the fire attribute on contact with fire. Fire creates a burning effect on enemies. Unite hand can also opperate gears (like for doors or with Gatcha ships)

Unite Sword: Reflects Lazers with it’s broadside, which is useful for quickly defeating certain enemies. It also cuts through chains and can gain the lightning attribute when struck by lightning.

Unite Gun: Can suck up mines and throw them back at enimies. Is also a Unite Morph that gets its own sub-Morph via rank up. By drawing a square, you can use Unite Launcher (a multi missle rocket launcher) and Unite Cannon (A slow but POWERFUL attack)

Unite Whip: Attacks only one enemy at a time. Can also rip the spikes of off anything spiky. It’s also used to cross gaps with hooks above them.

Unite Hammer: Can damage Armored Enemies without having to perform certain actions. It’s also used to activate floor switches. The impact radius also damages nearby enemies as well.

Unite Claw: Always carries the Ice attribute. By attacking an enemy enough times, the ice attribute kicks in and they are frozen. Can also pry open shields

Unite Bomb: Bigger Bombs do not cause more damage, but instead increase the amount of damage enemies take while effected.

Unite Guts: Parries attacks with Blue trails. Can be upgrades to Unite Spike to shoot spikes after a parry.

Unite Spring: Dodge. Can be upgraded to Drill Spring to cause damage on dodge.

Unite Ball: A fast moving evasize manuever. Can be upgrades to Spike Ball and can cause damage to enimies. Can also be used on certain vents to find secrets

Unite Camp: Gathers Wonderful Ones to camp. Time spent in Unite Camp not only refils Unite Energy, but can also overcharge it to white energy. Main Unite Morphs will be at full size and power whenever the Unite Energy gage is still white.

Unite Tombstone: An attack that does a simular AEO damage as Hammer. However, it attacks enimies on the way down if it’s used in midair.

Another unique feature of the game is that Every Wonderful One is playable… But it’s not just aesthetic. Certain One’s have a unique attribute that’s applied whenever they’re playable. A list of Unique Ones and their abilities are listed below.

Wonder Beer: Can use Unite Hand and walk at normal speed when equipped.

Wonder Future: Can only use Tiny Morph Unite Hand, but always carries the fire attribute as well as being able to shoot two fire balls

Poseman: Always carries Fire attribute with Unite Hand.

Wonder-Kabuki: Can use Unite Sword and walk at normal speed when equipped

Wonder-Jeanne: Always carries Lightning attribute with Unite Sword.

Wonder-Medicine: Can use Unite Gun and walk at normal Speed when equipped

Wonder-Bayonetta: Can not use Launcher or Cannon, but spawns four more Unite guns when doing so

Wonder-Scarf: Carries Ice Attribute with Unite Whip

Wonder-Santa: Can use Unite Hammer and move at normal speed when equipped.

Wonder-Rodin: Has a 3 hit combo instead of Hammer attack

Wonder-Daddy: Carries the Fire attribute with Unite Claw

Wonder-Gramps: Wonder Bomb will now Stop Time when used instead of slowing down time. Is also able to summon steamrollers out of thin air.

Wonder-Captain: Has Fire Attribute on Unite Drill

Wonder-Director: Instant Kills with Unite Goggles

Advanced Stratiges

Using these stratigies, you will be able to dominate any foe in your way. Make sure to keep on your toes though, these stratigies do work… but not without a few interuptions.

1. Tango with the Big Boys.

Sending out members in a team attack will help with crowd control for the little guys. After all, big foes bring big threats to the team. Focus most of your attention on them in order to survive out on the field. Make sure to watch out for parry oppertunities in order to score big damage.

2. Always Be Doing Damage.

It seems impossible to do damage all the time. But, with enough store upgrades, you can. Attack Liner is great for turning your weapon switching moments into moments of continous attack. And with certain items, you can also have a wonderful one perform a combo with a Tiny Morph once you have done a unite morph. This lets you combo Unite Morphs into Unite morphs. You will be a damage dealing machine.

3. Abuse the weakness of enemies.

Brute forcing your way is, well, brute. By knowing what enimies are weak to, you can dispatch them faster.

4. Unite Gun can also Approach safely.

It is a gun after all. Use it to deal damage at a safe distance.

5. Morphs aren’t your only means of attacking.

A team attack will work fine! And your other Ones will attack the enemy by latching onto them like little Pikmin!

6. Use the right morph for the right job.

Need to cover a wide range of enemies? Unite Sword! Need to deal good damage fast? Unite Hand! Need to do that but better, but only for one guy? Unite Whip! Need to attack from afar? Unite Gun! Need to do BIG DAMAGE or take down some armor? Unite Hammer! Need to go in VERY FAST? Unite Claw! Need to just slow things down a bit? Unite Bomb!

Correct Morph Usage will net you MANY victories.

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