There Was An Amazing Shenmue Remake But It Got Canceled

In 2017, Sega tasked UK developer d3t with remastering Shenmue and its sequel for the current generation consoles and PC. But the remake version was canceled for budge issues and they released a HD version. Here is the video about the unreleased Shenmue Remake:

The video also includes footage of Shenmue 2, suggesting that full remakes for both titles in progress. The enhancements here seem a little thinner on the ground – perhaps because it was earlier in development but again, texture detail is boosted significantly and the addition of shadow-maps adds depth to the environment. The same philosophy behind the upgrades seen in the first game extends to the second, though getting to see more content reveals more upgrades – like improved reflections in glass windows.

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Post Author: Caspar Leblanc